15 December 2016

Christmas Money Saving Tips

With Christmas upon us we have to deal with a huge amount of outgoing expenses and try to balance the books accordingly. Not only are we forking out for expensive gifts but also spending more on heating the house and other energy commitments. It's the time of year where every little saving counts, so here are some that can really make the difference this Christmas.

Buy Your Groceries Online--

When you walk into the supermarket you become the subject of a multiplex of tricks and traps aimed at getting you to spend more money, it's even worse over Christmas, multi-buy offers and special promotions are everywhere, all tempting you to pick up extra as you’re walking around the store. If you buy online you can nullify this effect. Granted, you may want to sample the exciting Christmas atmosphere many stores offer, but be careful and only pop in for an item or two instead of doing a major Christmas shop. When you buy online you can also more effectively price match with other competitors and brands, meaning you can save far more money, when you really think about it, what is grocery these days? Everything has changed, and you need to change your shopping habits if you wish to get a great bargain.  

Cash in on Those Loyalty Cards--

If you use a loyalty card now’s the time to cash it in. You can use the balance to offset some Christmas spending, the turkey for example can be paid for by loyalty points giving you more cash to save or spend on other Christmas essentials. Many people also use store gift cards to gradually save up for Christmas. By starting one of these in January you can have a couple of hundred come December, which of course means you won’t feel the hit as much.

Be Clever With Wrapping Paper--

The good stuff can be quite expensive, so concentrate and try not to waste sheets. Also, the majority of supermarkets and gift stores put their wrapping paper on crazy sales come January, so it really does pay to stock up for low prices than wait until they’re at an all time high in November/December. The same can be said of Christmas cards and gift bags. Try to keep the reusable gift bags you get, it saves you paying for more later in the year.

Make Your Own Gifts--

If you’re artsy, try making your own gifts. Personalized gifts are far better than bought ones, the alternate gift format is becoming more and more popular. If you can draw, try drawing a family or a portrait, or something that is personal to that person. The materials for the product will be far cheaper than actually buying a gift outright, you can even from the product so it's ready to go. You can even expand on this, charging people for products which they themselves can then give as gifts. So not only can you save a little bit of money but you can make some too!

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