17 November 2016

The Many Benefits to a Super Shower

A shower has so many advantages to you as a person. Yes, there’s the obvious health benefits but there’s so much more which you won’t have even considered. Here’s your chance to read up on them.

Okay--so obviously having a warm shower every day or couple of days is highly beneficial for your health. It will clean your skin and leave it fresher than ever. How refreshed do you feel after a lovely shower? The hot water you put on yourself actually opens your pores which allows unwanted irritants and dirt particles to leave your body. Your muscles will also be highly satisfied from the heat as warm water is a great healer for any aches and pains you may have. However a cold shower is just as good for our health, if not more. Not only is it scientifically proven to detoxify the body but it also provides a strong barrier against illnesses such as the dreaded flu. Furthermore, that initial shock that you receive from the first onrushes of that freezing water are actually a good thing as it tightens up the arteries and veins and actually improves the blood pressure and circulation around our body. It’s also pretty good for waking you up and mentally preparing you for the tough day ahead.


When washing your hair every two or three days, a cold shower is actually better for you than a warm shower but that’s only if you can stand the bitter cold against your scalp that is. You’re a brave person if you are! Whereas a hot shower can sometimes leave your hair slightly tough and dry, cold water fully hydrates it and gives it that extra fresh glossy look that people turn their heads for. It’s also a big help in protecting your split ends so no need to whine about that any more!

Showers can also be good for the environment. Cold showers for example use no energy when washing yourself so there are less greenhouse gases being pushed into the atmosphere. This means that you’re certainly doing your bit in the maintaining of today's environment unlike if you have a bath and use up tonnes of warm water. Having a shower in one of your shower pods will also have a great effect on your electricity bill. Not only do you feel healthier but you’ve got a lot more money roaming around in your bank account.

A strong advantage about a warm shower is that it’s perfect for a moment of relaxation. Unlike cold showers that make you shriek and scream, warm showers are a great way for relieving stress and giving you the option to clear your clogged up mind and jangling nerves. Using lavender or eucalyptus oil will further calm you down. If you’ve got an important interview or a big event coming up and not able to sleep, a hot shower will sort you right out and put a beaming smile on your face. Many people have been using (or even DIY'ing) shower bombs to relax, rejuvenate, and get rid of headaches. They are chock full of essential oils and work well with the steam from your shower. Be sure to research all of the proven benefits of eucalyptus oil and what it can do for you!

So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself upstairs now and lock the bathroom door. Your moment of pleasure has finally arrived.

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