10 November 2016

Stay Cozy This Winter with Energy-Saving Home Improvements

Thanks to advances in technology, such as solar power, energy prices in the future will go down. But right now, they’re rising, and it’s putting household budgets under strain. As a result, many women are looking for ways to upgrade their homes and save money. Here we’re going to look at the smartest ways to save on energy bills when renovating your home.

Go “Low Flow”--

Low flow fixtures and fittings are a fantastic addition to any home that helps save on water bills. They work by combining tiny air bubbles into the stream of water coming out of the faucet, helping the water to go further.

Low flow isn’t a gimmick either. According to some estimates, low flow fixtures can help households save up to 50 percent on their water bill. According to a government energy program, that equates to $145 worth of savings per year.

Get Modern Roof Insulation--

Roofing insulation is essential for keeping your house warm, especially in the winter. According to the data, the quality of the insulation in your roof can affect your overall energy costs by up to 20 percent. If you’ve got an old build, find a roofing contractor who can retrofit your roof with the latest insulation material. Modern insulation is cheap, at around $15 a roll, and much more effective.

Install LED Light Bulbs--

LED light bulbs last about 30 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and use about a tenth of the energy. For every LED light bulb that you install, you’ll save around $8 a year, according to the government.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat--

Timing exactly when your heating turns on an off is a big weapon in the fight against high energy bills. People who use their thermostats properly end up saving an average of $150 per year on their heating. The benefits of thermostats vary depending on where you are. If you live in an area with off peak metering, time your heating to come on early in the morning before the high rate kicks in.

Put Weather Stripping Around the Windows--

Even though it’s 2016, many people still don’t have double glazed windows in their homes. As a result, their homes lose a huge amount of heat through the little cracks around the side of windows. According to some estimates, windows account for 40 percent of the total heat lost from our houses. One solution is to opt for double glazed windows. But as we all know, these can be very expensive to buy and install. The other option is to put weather stripping around the edges of the windows. Granted, it won’t be as effective as installing double glazing. But it also doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. In fact, you can pick up a reel of stripping from home improvement stores for as little as $5.

Invest In a Tank-less Water Heater--

For years, the hot water tank has been a staple of modern living. But now the tank-less variety has arrived, and it’s offering homeowners significant savings. Current estimates suggest that tank-less water heaters save up to 20 percent off your water bill. Plus, they last longer than regular tanks.