17 November 2016

Help Your Family Stay Healthy by Adding These Essential Items to Your Bathroom

One place in the home that requires attention to keep your family healthy is the bathroom. In fact, it’s one of the top rooms where accidents occur. It’s also where bugs are passed onto your kids. Therefore, you need to ensure you it’s a safe haven for your family. Here are some essential items you need to add to your bathroom to ensure your family stay healthy!

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A good ventilation system--

It’s so important that your bathroom is well-ventilated. Otherwise, you will use the bath or shower, and the moisture will stay on the walls. Without proper ventilation, mold will then start growing which could cause your kids to start coughing. It can cause family members who suffer from allergies to have an allergic reaction.  Therefore, you need to make sure you implement a good ventilation system in your bathroom. An extractor fan is typically a top choice, especially if you have no windows in the bathroom! As well as keeping your family healthy, it can make the whole room easier to clean which is a bonus!

A soap dispenser--

As you should know, it’s so important that you wash your hands with soap after using the bathroom. But unfortunately, a lot of children avoid using soap as much as possible. And as the bathroom is where a lot of bacteria lives, it’s the room which causes it to be spread around. So if your kid doesn’t wash their hands, they could potentially have harmful bacteria on their body. Therefore, make sure you put a soap dispenser in the bathroom. It will remind them they have to use soap to wash their hands. You can even get ones with fun lids to make it more appealing to kids!

Teeth cleaning supplies--

It’s so important we encourage our kids to take care of their oral health. The main way to ensure their teeth stay in an excellent condition is to pimp out your bathroom with all the cleaning tools they need. It means you should get them a good toothbrush and toothpaste to use every day. Also, they require mouthwash which they can use to clean out the bacteria. And although a lot of kids don’t do it, it’s so important they floss. You might want to get a water flosser which you can buy from sites such as Ibreathbad.com. It makes it easier for them to floss their teeth without having to hunt down a pot of normal floss which gets misplaced in the bathroom!

A non-slip bath mat--

You might be shocked to know that the bathroom is the riskiest places for accidents in your home. And they tend to occur in the tub or shower. After all, when it’s wet, you are more likely to slip when leaving the washing quarters. Therefore, you need to ensure you get a bath mat which will stop your family falling over. Just make sure it’s non-slip so that it doesn’t keep moving when they are in the washing quarters! You can find other items you need on sheknows.com/.

And remember to ensure there is plenty of storage in the bathroom. After all, clutter in the bathroom can affect your kid’s mental health. It clouds up their brain and can dampen their mood before they have even left the house!