16 October 2016

Time to Move On: How to Say Goodbye to Your Old House

Your house has been on the market for a long time. You have started to wonder what's wrong with these buyers? Don't they like your house? Isn't it a good house? You think it's a good house. It's why you bought it. So why don't they agree?

Then, it happens. You get the call, and your house is sold. You're ready to book the moving company, start picking your new decor and get out of there already. In the midst of the frenzy and stress of packing, it hits you: this isn't going to be your home anymore.

It's Totally Natural--

Even if you are moving for the best of reasons, to a home you adore, it's still a wrench to leave your current home behind. Soon, someone else will walk through your front door, sit in your kitchen and tend to your garden. This house, which you loved and cherished, is no longer yours.

If you disliked the house, the feelings of sadness might come as a surprise. You want to be gone; your new home is better, and you can't wait to be there. But still, the feelings come. You begin to feel nostalgic for all the things you will no longer do.

Give Yourself Time To Record Memories--

One day, you might want to look back at the old house and remember what it was like. At the moment, you think it's impossible you'll ever forget it. It's been home for years, and you feel it's ingrained on your memory. But it isn't going to stay that way; the memories will dull with time.

So in the midst of packing and organizing, set aside a little bit of time to take photographs of your home as it was. At worst, you waste a bit of time snapping pictures you'll never want to look at. At best, you have a long-lived history just waiting to hit you should the nostalgia bug bite.

Focus On The Positives--

It sounds so simple, and such an easy piece of advice to give - but it's not so simple to do. You're leaving behind the world you know; you might even be changing areas. Suddenly, the new house is not glossy and exciting - it's a world you don't know.

Focus on the positives of the move and the reasons you decided to change home. Then go and reinforce them. If you don't know your new area well, give yourself an afternoon before the move to go and walk around. Let it feel familiar and less daunting.

If All Else Fails, Keep Yourself Busy--

If you're still carrying around a sense of melancholy, then the best thing to do is distract yourself. Luckily, moving home requires a tremendous amount of planning and co-ordination. If you throw your efforts into that and any repairs, you'll be less distracted by what you're feeling.

It Will Fade--

While you may be having buyer's remorse and wanting to stay in your current home forever, it will pass. Try and keep that in mind during the early weeks of adjustment at your new abode, and soon, you'll be feeling better about it too.

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