11 October 2016

Increase Your Green Karma with These Practical Strategies for Your Home

Do you feel guilty because you use too much energy in your home? Do you worry that you're not making use of technology to be greener? You may even feel that you’re wasting money on what you do right now!

It might shock you to learn that many people share the same feelings as you! The good news is you can increase your green karma at home in many ways. Here are some practical examples that you can try today:

Get rid of any old lightbulbs in your home--

Let's face it: the days of incandescent lighting is over. Nowadays, the options are either CFL (energy-saving) bulbs or LEDs. The former is the most common and affordable option. The latter is gaining traction because the technology uses even less electricity!

Install some sunpipes--

Upper-level rooms in your home can benefit from natural lighting. No, I don't mean by opening the curtains! Sunpipes are strategically-placed methods of flooding a room with natural daylight. They use a series of mirrors to direct the light and distribute it within a room.

Make your home insulated--

Next, you should ensure there is a barrier in your home that stops the cold getting in and the heat going out. There are several ways to insulate your home, such as by using glazed doors and windows. You can also install insulation material in your walls and roof spaces.

Invest in solar panels--

Last, but not least, you should consider fitting solar panels to the roof of your home. The bigger your roof, the more power you can generate. Those of you that live in sunnier parts of the country will benefit the most. Here's a handy infographic that depicts the top ten solar cities in the USA:

Image Source
Infographic Designed By Semper Solaris San Diegos

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