13 October 2016

Getting What You Pay for - Why Quality Can Be Thrifty in the Long Run

A thrifty life is a wonderful one. It's surprising how much money you can save on certain things, without noticing any drop in quality at all. But there are some things that it makes more economic sense to spend a little more on. This is a good approach when you want some to last for a long time, or it's important to your everyday comfort. Read on for some more information.


Let's look at the purchase of a couch for example. Yes, you can rock a massive bargain from sites like eBay, and get a new 3 piece set for under $500. But is a sofa like that really going to be up to the job? Think how much wear and tear your couch gets every day. You sit on it, you lie on it, the kids jump on it, and even your pets try to creep up there sometimes when you are not looking!


Is it not better to spend a little more on a model that has removable covers that can be washed to keep it looking new for longer? Or one that is properly sprung so it will stand up to all that wear and tear?


Without a decent roof, your home would be unlivable and open to all the elements. While it is tempting to complete some cheap and quick fix repairs to a faulty roof, you are, at most just dealing the inevitable. At some point, you will need a roof replacement.


It's much better to pay out to get this done, by professionals before you reach the point of no return and it becomes a hazard to your family and property.


As you spend a third of your life in bed, it's is definitely worthwhile having one that is comfy. A comfy bed is not just one that feels nice but also one that supports your body weight in the position that you like to sleep.

Those sleeping on the front will need a particularly firm bed. This because it supports all of their joints, making it less likely that they will have a restless night's sleep.


Yes, it may take some extra time and cost to find a bed and mattress that are the right firmness. But you will reap the rewards in back and joint health and have that extra something each morning after a good night's rest brings.


Cars are pretty much an essential in today's modern world. Scouring the classifieds and internet for a bargain always sounds like a good idea. But the single most costly issue that a car can have is its reliability. If your motor is not reliable, then it's like pouring good money after bad.


A car that cost you a few hundred dollars to purchase can cost you twice as much again to just keep it on the road. Your funds may be better spent getting a newer or more reliable model that won't encounter these issues.

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