07 October 2016

Get a Quicker More Profitable House Sell with Some Clever Interior Updates


If you are selling your house, you may think that putting more money into it before the sale is a pointless idea. But surely you’ve heard that saying about putting money in to get more money out? Is your house on the market and hasn’t budged, or have you found that you have to drop the price? Then it might be time to add just a few luxury touches to make it more contemporary and appealing. Staging a house is all part of the marketing sell. If you can offer viewers the feeling that they could move right in and be happy, then the more chance you have of a quick sale. If the fittings and furnishings are up to date they are likely to see less wrong with the property, too. Here are a few ideas on what to invest in when updating your interior for a quick sale.


If your carpet is looking worn and tired or your linoleum is peeling at the corners, it’s time to whip it all up and start afresh. You can choose affordable flooring, such as laminate that looks like wood, but just make sure to get something contemporary and fresh in the rooms. The services of a flooring consultant at Carpet One Floor & Home and similar companies will be able to point you in the right direction. New flooring will make your property shine and sparkle. Plus, it is much more likely to entice potential buyers.

A Bit of Paint--

Never underestimate what house viewers will spot. If your paintwork is chipped, stained, or just plain old-- then it’s time to give it a refresh. Make sure all woodwork is cleaned and painted. Give all the walls a fresh coat or two of paint in neutral but inviting colors. Steer away from Magnolia and opt for warm gray and clay colors instead. These will make your rooms look stylish and modern. Pay close attention to skirting boards, window frames, and woodwork around the doors, too. There is nothing more off-putting than dull tired looking rooms. So add some sheen to yours for a quicker sale.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures--

If your fittings and fixtures are outdated, your house is going to look dated, too. There are many affordable plush looking fixtures and fittings for the bathroom and kitchen that can be bought to update your interior. In the bathroom switch out old taps for a modern stainless steel mono one. The same goes for shower screens and shower heads. In the kitchen consider investing in a contemporary pull out tap. All these fittings will suggest that your home exudes the perfect blend of design and functionality.

Odors and Repairs--

Last but not least-- you don’t want anyone walking into a smelly house! Light some scented candles in each room for a couple of nights before you have showings. Also, consider baking bread or cookies! Keep the windows wide open the morning before a showing and let in some of that gorgeous fresh air. It goes without saying that you need to fix anything that is broken.  This can be things from half-finished DIY jobs and squeaky hinges to a boiler that needs servicing and broken bathroom tiles.

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