18 October 2016

From the Iconic to the Ergonomic, There Is a Chair for Each Room

Each piece of furniture in your home should complement the next, and chairs are certainly something you should invest a lot of thought into. We use them to sit and relax, to dine at the table, to work in the office and even to sit down to put our shoes on. From ergonomics to lounging, and upright to reclining, there are so many different styles of chairs available for all of our everyday needs. Design wise you can go contemporary, trendy, stylish, iconic, classic and so much more. You also have to consider angles, depth, height, width and lumbar support. Who knew so much thought could go into chairs? Today we’re going to look at chairs for every different room in your house and the reasons why you should pay careful attention to your choices.

Living Room--

We probably spend the most amount of time chilling and relaxing in our living room at home. Therefore we want the space to be picture-perfect and well designed. It’s crucial to get the right sofa in this room to suit all your family needs. In many ways, the sofa is the focal point of the living room. And that’s not just for watching TV. It’s also a place to unwind, read, play board games and snuggle up. If you have a large living room and either have a big family or do lots of entertaining, an L-shaped sofa may be your best choice. They’re also great if you have kids that like to lounge and climb. If you live alone or are a couple, you can get away with more contemporary lines and lighter fabrics. The most important thing to bear in mind for your living room sofa is to make sure it is comfortable. Is there enough depth to the seat? Is the back comfortable? Can you cozy up on it? If you love movie nights, then choose a sofa with a pillow back. If you’re more into entertaining and having cocktail parties, then opt for something super stylish with a high back design. If you love timeless design perhaps go for a Chesterfield. If you want the room to feel cozy, then go with an oversized sofa. If you want the room to look larger, choose a sofa with raised legs and a low back. Test out many sofas before you invest in this big purchase.


If your bedroom is large enough, it’s rather decadent to add a chair into the mix. Fabrics that work well in a bedroom include linen, leather, and velvet. Here you can be a bit bolder with your color choices and opt for pinks, reds or yellows. If space permits, you could even invest in a love seat for added indulgence. There are some great ideas and inspiration for bedroom chairs at www.homestratosphere.com/bedrooms-couches-loveseats/.  A chair in the bedroom offers extra space to read and relax. And it also works well for the ladies when they want to put on hosiery and shoes. The bedroom is the perfect place to choose a chair that makes a statement. For extra style points, you can even go for an iconic recliner such as a leather Eames lounge chair or a Le Corbusier chaise.   

Family Den--

For the ultimate family room, why not create an at-home theater space or a family den? All it takes is a spare room, an oversized TV, lots of DVDs and some super cozy lounging chairs. Check out companies such as www.SackDaddy.com for the perfect giant foam chairs that will go down really well in a secret hideaway den. These foam chairs aren’t like your typical bean bags as they are stuffed full of high-quality foam to create an out-of-this-world relaxing experience. And when it's pizza and movie night with the family, this is exactly what you want from your chair. If space permits, invest in a couple of 6 ft loungers for the den or otherwise opt for individual four ft Sack Daddy’s. Add fairy lights, pajamas and everyone’s favorite movies for the perfect family night in.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 00.07.28.png
Dining Room--

The ideal dining room chairs will much depend on the style you are trying to set. Stylish, iconic chairs come in the form of the prolific Kartell Louis Ghost chair or the Charles Eames Eiffel Tower chair. But if you are going for a country cottage feel you’ll be better suited to choosing rustic solid wood or Shaker-style chairs. Want to add a Parisian flair to your dining room? Then opt for CafĂ© style chairs with curvy lines and super chic design. Or, if you tend to entertain a lot in the dining room you may want to consider commissioning a bespoke cushioned bench or banquette along one wall. If you are into upcycling why not scour antique stores for your ideal chairs that have a story behind them? You can always then reupholster or decorate to your own specific needs. Or perhaps you like a traditional and classic feel to your dining room. If so, upholstered chairs in luxe fabrics may be the best option for you.



If you work from home a lot, you are going to want that perfect office chair for your office. And by perfect, we don’t just mean looks. If you are going to be spending hours at a desk and looking at a computer all day, you need an ergonomic chair that takes care of your posture. Take a look at this useful infographic and advice from http://ergo-plus.com/office-ergonomics-select-ergonomic-office-chair/ to help you choose the right office chair. Sitting in a chair for long periods of time can cause stress to your spine, neck, and shoulders. That’s why it is crucial to invest in an ergonomically designed chair. Make sure that the chair you chooses enables you to adjust the height easily. Also, ensure it has enough depth and width to support your tush. Make sure the chair offers good lumbar support and has a back rest. Test out chairs to guarantee you have enough support and that you won’t start getting into the bad habit of slouching. Your ergonomic office chair should support your spine. The correct chair should manipulate your back to stay in a natural S-shaped curve. This will help prevent back pain and strain. Of all the chairs you choose, if you spend a lot of time in your home office, this should be the one you research the most.

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