05 October 2016

All That Clutter Could Be Gold - Make Money From Clearing out Your House

If you are looking for a bit of extra cash, it could be worth looking through all your cupboards and in your attic. All the junk that you have collected over the years could be worth something! You may not have anything of huge value, but you might be able to sell enough things to treat yourself to a nice meal out! Interested to know how you can make money from clearing out your house? Here’s how!

Look Through Your Jewelry Box--

Do you have any jewelry that you don’t wear anymore? If it is made from silver or gold, then it could be worth a nice little sum of money. The addition of a couple of precious stones could increase that by quite a bit! Once you have collected a few pieces of jewelry together, you should take them to your local jeweler to be valued. The jeweler might even make an offer and buy them off you. Another option is to take them to your local pawn shop.

List Clothes Online--

These days there are now many online auction websites on which you can list your clothes. You just need to take a picture of each piece and write a short description about it. This will give the buyers a good idea of the piece. You should only try and sell items of clothing that are still in good condition. Thanks to the current trend for vintage fashion, you will find that it is very easy to sell second-hand clothes this way. Especially if you have any pieces left over from the 70s or 80s!

Garage Sale--

Are you clearing out the whole house before redecorating it or moving out? Then it might be worth holding a garage sale. Clear out each room one at a time to see what it is worth selling. For instance, once you remove your old mattress, you might see that the bed frame is in good condition. Check rugs and small items of furniture as well. Be sure to go through each and every room to check for things you can sell. Take everything you want to sell down to your garage and place a notice outside to let passersby know that you are selling things. Even though this can be quite time-consuming, this can be a great way to shift a lot of stuff all in one go!

Sell Rare Items--

Next time you dust off your bookshelf or record collection, take a look to see if you have any rare items hiding on the shelves. People will pay a lot for first edition books and rare vinyl. If you aren’t sure whether an item in your collection is rare, a quick Google search should let you know. The best way to get the price for these items is to take them to your local antique shop or list them on collectible websites.

Feeling strapped for cash this month? Why not turn all that clutter into gold! You may be surprised to see how much you make!