26 September 2016

Parenthood: Bedroom Design Tips for a Better Night's Sleep


Ah, parenthood. That was a rude awakening, wasn’t it?! From now on, every awakening is going to be a rude one. Those days of lying in bed until 11 AM are long gone. Unfortunately, your new routine is going to be getting up regularly at the crack of dawn. You might just fail to get much sleep at all in the interim, either. That’s just the nature of parenthood, and you’ll look back on it and laugh one day. One day.

But for now, we need to look at how we can get you the best sleep possible. You need to maximize every bit of time you have... and here are some great ways to do it.


Start With Your Bed--

It all starts here, and you better believe that you need a good bed in the first place. If you’re going to spend masses of money on anything, this is the area that you want to do it in. Take your time to research the type of bed that feels most comfortable for you. Think about every type of material for your mattress, too. Memory foam mattress support or an alternative foam might just offer a more comfortable sleep than a budget option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide exactly what you need out of a bed going forward. The rest of our tips mean nothing without this!

Paint Your Bedroom a Calm Color--

It’s time to get the old paint brush out of the garage! I bet you haven’t taken the time to redecorate your bedroom since you moved in, right? You’d be amazed at what a lick of paint can do for your sleeping pattern. By painting your bedroom a calm color, your mind will relax, and your heart rate will reduce. If your baby is sleeping in the same room as you; even better!


Ditch the Electronics--

There are all sorts of reasons why you don’t want electronics in your room, even when you aren’t a parent! The last thing we should be doing before going to bed is spending hours on our phones. Televisions aren’t much better, either. They’re a distraction; they keep you up longer, and they hurt your eyes. Your body won’t adapt to the need for sleep if you’re playing on your phone before you go to bed. Get them out the room and leave them for when you’re not so desperate for some shut-eye.

Dimmer Switches--

In a similar fashion to color, you’d be amazed at what lighting can do for your sleeping pattern. Instead of brash lighting that pierces your eyes, install a dimmer switch. Then, as you’re getting ready for bed, you can set the lighting nice and low. Your body will start to get ready for sleep, hopefully settling you off quicker than usual. If you’re sitting in the bright light all the way until bedtime, it’s going to confuse your body.

baby-1266117_640 (1).jpg

Optimize the Temperature--

It’s no good trying to get to sleep quickly when it’s boiling hot or freezing cold. If you have to, think about installing a ceiling fan for some light air. You might even want to adapt your windows so you can open them more or less than what is currently allowed. If you don’t take the time to do this, you’re limiting your sleep potential.

Add Dark Curtains--

What’s the one thing that you need lots of at night? Well, sleep...obviously. But, I was thinking of darkness. Just the smallest amount of light can wake both you and your little one up. A flash from a car coming down the road outside. The sun shining through the windows a little earlier than usual. It’s all an annoyance when you’re desperate for some much-needed sleep. That’s why you need particularly dark curtains to block out that external light. It might just mean that you get an extra couple of hours. That’s all you want, right?!

Get a Progressive Alarm Clock--

Hey, let’s be under no illusions here. The days of you being awoken by an alarm clock are getting smaller all the time. But, there will be instances where you get up first, or you simply want to get up to check on your child. Instead of being awoken by a harsh tone that probably wakes everyone in the house, why not go progressive? There are progressive alarm clocks that wake you up slowly without such a jolt. You can even get mobile apps that wake you up based on your sleeping pattern. You won’t always benefit from them when the little ones are eager to arise, but you’ll be glad for them in any other situation.

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