20 September 2016

How to Make Life Easier in Extreme Winter Weather

Winter time can be difficult for the best of us. Heavy snowfall, ice, wind, and rain can make just leaving the house a challenge. Add plunging temperatures on top of that, both in and out of the home, and winter doesn't seem so fun after all. But, there are still ways you can enjoy the festive season in relative comfort.

Prep Your Car--

Get your car's heating system checked before the cold sets in. There's nothing worse than sitting in a freezing cold car, especially if you face a long commute to work every day. Auto repair services are likely to be extremely busy during the winter months, so try and get your car serviced before the cold sets in to avoid a long wait. Getting your car ready to action in a morning after a frosty night can also be an everyday challenge in winter. Driving crouched over just so you can see through the clear section of the windscreen is less than ideal - although we've all done it. Thankfully there are many ways you can de-ice your car quickly and effectively. Don't pour boiling water on your windshield - you run the risk of cracking the glass doing this. Instead, use warm or lukewarm water to clear off any excess. Put your engine on and leave the de-fogger running while you pack your bag for work or put your shoes on. Or, use a professional ice scraper and brush. Don't try using your wipers until large blocks of ice have come off, or you risk damaging your wipers.


Clear Your Driveway--

Falling over before you've even got to work doesn't put you in good mood for the rest of the day. Plus [and more importantly], falling over on ice can be very dangerous. Unlike other types of terrain, ice does not give way at all when pressure is put on it. If you fall over on ice or snow, the ground can be extremely hard. You could easily break a bone, or create a fracture which you may not learn about until a later date. Clearing your driveway daily can mean you greatly lessen the risk of you or your family injuring themselves when they leave the house. Shovelling is the obvious option but it can be exhausting work, and not ideal if you're on a strict schedule. If you want to learn more, consider getting a snow plough or snow thrower.


Don't Waste Energy, Save It--

You might be tempted to simply leave your heat on all day once the calendar hits November. No one likes coming in from the cold to an equally cold home. However, you could find that your energy bills are extortionate after the winter. Investing in a programmable thermostat is the best way to save money and heat your home all at once. If you know when you and your family are going to be in from work or school, set the thermostat to around half an hour before that time. You house will have heated up nicely by the time you are all in, so you can enjoy a cozy evening together.

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