17 September 2016

Getting Rid of Pests and Vermin on a Budget

No one wants to ever find that they are sharing their home with pests and vermin. These horrible critters can spread disease and will be a very unhygienic addition to your home. Unfortunately, getting a professional exterminator in can be quite expensive. But you don’t have to worry about spending a whole bunch of money to rid these creatures from your house. There are a number of ways you can fix this problem on a budget. Here are my top tips to help you out:

Use Household Ingredients--

There are some ingredients in your kitchen that certain pests and insects won’t be able to stand. If you sprinkle some of these in the corners of your kitchen, you will find that your pest problem slowly disappears. Ants hate black pepper. So try putting some of this down where you have seen them. If you have a baby in the house, you can also try baby powder, as they don’t like that either! Got a problem with fruit flies? Simply mix together some detergent and apple cider vinegar and leave the mixture by your fruit. All the little flies will be gone for good!

Fix Your Drains--

Pests and vermin enter our homes to try to find food and water. So if you get rid of any food and water sources, the little creatures will move on to look for them elsewhere. One of the easiest sources of water for them comes from leaky pipes. Even the smallest of drops can be enough to sustain a small family of pests. So check your pipes under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to make sure they aren’t letting any water through. You could do this yourself or get a plumber in to ensure the job is done well. You could book your plumber online at BenFranklinclt.com/plumbing-repair-charlotte-nc/.

Put Food Away--

Once you have made any food, make sure it is put away if it isn’t eaten straight away. Any food that is left out uncovered will quickly attract insects. You should also ensure that all your ingredients are shut away where animals can’t find them. Make sure you eat the fresh fruit in your fruit bowl quickly. As soon as it gets very ripe, insects and rats will notice it. This doesn’t just include your food. You should also make sure that food for your pets is also correctly stored. Once you open the bag, keep it in an air-tight bin.

Make Your Own Traps--

You should be able to find mouse and rat traps for not too much money at your local garden center You should have a go at making your own traps for insects. To do this, cut a plastic soda bottle in half. Turn the top half over and place it in the bottom half. This creates a funnel into the bottom half. Fill this with soapy water to catch cockroaches. To catch ants, fill it with apple cider vinegar. You can also use this in your garden. Just fill the trap with beer to catch slugs and snails.

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