30 September 2016

Does Counting the Calories Mean Counting the Cost?

When you see celebrities on TV, proudly showing off their figures in expensive clothing, what is your immediate emotion? If it's positive, congratulations, you're a saint. Most of the rest of us have one of a few reactions. Envy - that they're looking so good and seem so happy. Scorn - that we could all look that good if we had a team of stylists working with us. Pity - that we're wearing a stained T-shirt and just ate three cookies.

Maybe that last one's not all of us, but it is a few of us.

For the most part, though, it is an unpleasant journey to take. Yes, those celebrities are looking beautiful. Yes, they have the good fortune to have all the help they need. We ask ourselves "Ah, but are they happy?" and usually yes-- yes they are. They have a lot of money and few responsibilities. Who wouldn't be happy?

But what about the other point? Can we all look like they do? Well, it's not a no, but it is complicated. It is easier for celebrities to stay skinny, because they have better access to the right things. It’s not cheap to buy the healthiest foods!

If You Want to Lose Weight, You Have to Eat Right--

Many celebrities have what is referred to as "yo-yo" weight. They move between skinny and chunky, and in so doing they stay right in the public eye. While there, they tell us how they lost that weight. It may be a diet, it may be surgery. It may be any of a few other reasons too, some of which are very inadvisable. But if their weight then balloons again, it suggests they aren't doing it right. It’s not sustainable - and on a budget, things like surgery aren’t an option for most of us.

The bottom line is, you need to have a balanced, healthy diet to stay slim. It isn't always as easy as that sounds.

"I've Found the Miracle Food That Unlocks Weight Loss!"--

Hi-- over here!
No. No, you haven't.

There is no such thing as a miracle food that unlocks weight loss. Healthy eating is holistic - you need to get nutrients, or you will become ill. No one food gives you what you need. All those celebrity diet secrets fail to mention that raw food and whole foods with high nutrient profiles are expensive. Trying to live affordably and healthily is hard.

So It's Pointless Looking for Genuine Help?--

No, not pointless at all. Indeed, there are plenty of useful supplements which will benefit your weight loss goals. They are worth taking, but they will only help you if you follow a proper diet. You will need to eat vegetables with every meal, drink plenty of water, and get a healthy exercise regime in place. It is that simple. It's not always going to be fun, but the benefits are clear. You can also do it on a budget.

If the above sounds quite low on the scale of fun, don't worry. The more you look into healthier eating, the more enjoyable foods you will find that fit into it. Also, every once in a while you should treat yourself. Foods that don't usually fit into a healthy eating regime can still be eaten. Not every day - but they're not banned completely if you eat well most of the time. Find healthy alternatives which cost a reasonable amount. They are out there.

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