08 August 2016

Household Items You Need to Replace NOW!

Some items in our homes are built to last a long time. Then there are others which should be replaced more regularly. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to replace certain household items as often as they should. While this might not seem like a big deal, it could actually be detrimental to your family’s health. Items such as toothbrushes and duvets can harbor germs, dust, and bacteria. This can cause rashes, breathing difficulties, and other severe health problems. So here are some household items that many people forget to replace, which you should get rid of now!


We all know how important it is to keep our teeth clean, and a toothbrush is one of the best ways of doing this. Each member of your family should be cleaning their teeth twice each day. As they are used so often, toothbrushes can quickly become worn out and ineffective as cleaning your teeth sufficiently. Bacteria from your mouth can also attach itself to the bristles of your toothbrush. Not replacing your family’s toothbrushes every few months could increase their chances of gum disease and tooth loss. To protect your family’s teeth, get rid of your worn toothbrushes and replace them with brand new brushes instead. That way you know they will get the best clean possible.

Cleaning cloths/rags--

Cleaning cloths are fantastic at removing stains, bacteria, and dust from around our homes. But they are another item that needs to be throw away and replaced each week. When you use these old cloths to clean your home, you increase the risk of making your family ill. This is because they are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Many of which can make your family seriously unwell. When you use them to remove dust and food, they linger on the surface of the cloth. This is then transferred onto your family’s hands and your home’s worktops and surfaces. While you could wash your cleaning cloths, this may not remove all of the bacteria they harbor. So it’s always best to replace them with new ones. Add them to your weekly shopping list and always have some available.

Air conditioning filters--

If you use your air-conditioner regularly, it’s likely that your filter will need replacing. If your filter gets clogged with hair and dust, it stops it being as effective. It also pumps these unhygienic properties back into the air that your family breaths. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve checked it, take a look at the filter now. This is a task you should be doing at least every month. If you have pets or use your air-conditioner on a daily basis, you might need to replace your filter more frequently. Hire a company that offers servicing and maintenance of air conditioning equipment to help you stay on top of replacing your filters.

Your home will be a far more pleasant place to spend time in once you’ve made these replacements. They may only be small, but they can have a significant impact on your home and family. So make an effort to replace these items more regularly in future to keep your family protected.

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