06 August 2016

Help! My Home Is Falling Apart


We’re all about helping you with your DIY tips and repair suggestions here at Living the Thrifty Life, but sometimes, it isn’t that easy. There might come a time when you’re so overwhelmed by the extent of the issue that you don’t know where to turn. Your house is falling apart all around you, and now, something needs to be done. Let’s look at the signs that something is majorly wrong, and what you can do to fix it.

DIY Fixes--

First thing’s first; you need to figure out what the problem is. If the house is falling apart, issues need to be addressed quickly. Take this moment to go around the house and figure out the areas that are in desperate need of repair. Is this something you can do yourself, or is it a bigger problem? For now, focus on the DIY aspects of the house repairs. Don’t put yourself in danger in the process, though.


Is it time to forget about repairs and go for a complete renovation? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to this. Firstly, there’s the cost of it, and renovations are never cheap. It literally involves ripping out the entire room and starting again, so don’t try this yourself! For example, you’re ideally going to want a company that specializes in bathroom or kitchen renovations made easy. Also, you want to think about your future in this home. Are you planning to stick around for the long-term, or will you get out in the near future? Maybe the renovation will add serious value onto the sale?


Money Concerns--

Remember; repairs and renovations are going to cost money. We’ve already talked about how they can improve value, but you still need those funds in the first place. This might be a time to look at personal loan options to help you fund the cost of the repairs. Either way, you need to do something before your house totally falls apart. Call on friends and family for assistance if you can.

Is It Outdated?--

It’s common that old appliances, brickwork, and paintwork will eventually begin to suffer. Take a moment to look around your home and consider whether it’s outdated. Now might be a good time to put a few things on your shopping list. You might not even need to do any serious repairs; your home just requires some imminent modernization!


Get Online--

The internet is a fantastic resource for all sorts of things, and it’ll help you here. Survey the areas of your home that you’re most worried about, and Google them for an answer. You’ll almost always come across other people who have suffered from the same problem. You might find that the solution is much easier than you had anticipated! Don’t take this information as gospel, though. The professionals are more trustworthy, but Google is a good starting point.

Ultimately, if your house is in a dangerous state, you’ll need to get out of there for the time being. If it’s simply in need of a touch-up, now’s the time to do it.

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