02 June 2016

Three Tips to Revamp Your Home on a Budget

Making sure your home is a pleasant environment is important to many people. But the cost of decorating and home decor can be prohibitive, so read on for some ways to save money while revamping your home.  

Pre-loved furniture--

One of the most clever ways to save money whilst revamping your home is to use second hand or pre-loved furniture. There are a variety of different outlets that where you can purchase different styles.

Try free adverts on the web, online auction sites, yard sales, or asking friends and family.


Once you have your pre-loved furniture, you might want to customize it. You can do this by painting it or getting it dipped. Getting a piece of furniture dipped, can be expensive, so try to limit this to items that are paramount. Dipping furniture involves submerging it in chemicals to remove any paint or varnish, so you have a clean slate to start with.

If you choose to paint your furniture you can use a chalk paint. The advantage of this is that you only have to sand the wood a little bit before you apply the paint. It gives you a great, fashionable shabby/chic look and other furniture can be painted to match.

Buying a used bed is a great way to save more money. However, you will probably want to buy a new mattress. It is important to compare the options to see which is the best mattress for your needs. You might need a double, king, queen, or single. There are also different comfort levels. Some people like a soft bed and some people prefer something a little firmer.

Carpet off-cuts--

Another great way of saving money when revamping your home is to go to a carpet outlet store. Here you can purchase pieces of carpet that were leftover from other houses. Because they are cast offs, they are sold at a reduced price. As carpet is sold by the square foot, this can add up to a good amount of savings. You could also try buying a rug. A good rug will protect the carpet underneath and provide another interesting feature for your room.

Make Your Own Art--


Lastly, consider making your own art! There are lots of different ways to do this. Don't worry if you are not the next Picasso or Damien Hirst; you can still make some awesome art to brighten up your walls. One way of doing this is to buy a pre-primed box canvas and use the same colors that are in your room to make abstract work.

Another brilliant way of making art for your home is to use pictures that your children have drawn. Take a circle cutter, and cut a shape from each picture.  Then mount each shape in vertical rows on white card and frame. This means you keep all of your child's art, but it also is a stylish addition to your room. You can use a different shape cutter if you'd like. Why not get the kids to help so they feel involved in the process. I bet they'd love to see their art on the wall.

If you’d like some more information on making your home look unique, click here for my article.

However, you choose to update your home on a budget make sure you pick things that fit with your personal style and enjoy the changes you make.