09 June 2016

Simple, Affordable Ways to Give Your Bedrooms Personality

Your home is a representation of you. It showcases your taste and style. When you’re decorating, feel free to embrace the trends. But don’t be afraid to inject your own personality. If you’re preparing to do some DIY and you’re updating your bedrooms, here are some tips to give them identity and personality.


Choosing colors is really important when it comes to setting the tone of the room. Have a look at some color charts and bring some samples home to try on your walls. If you’re decorating adult and children’s bedrooms, you may find that you go for contrasting shades. Kids will probably go for brighter colors while you may prefer something a little more muted. Pastel shades, whites, and creams are popular choices for adult bedrooms. They help to create a soothing, relaxing ambiance. Little girls may prefer pink, purple, or yellow. Boys may go for blue, grey, or green. Ask your kids what colors they prefer when you’ve tried out the samples.

If you want to add color without making the room look small or dark, go for accent walls. Keep two or three walls light and then add a color 'pop' on the other walls. You could also paint all the walls a lighter shade and add interest with soft furnishings and accessories.


Themes are particularly popular in children’s bedrooms. If you’ve got teenagers, they may want to showcase their love of sports or music in their bedroom. Frame a signed football shirt and hang it on the wall. If your son is in a band, check out Nationwide Disc and check out ordering vinyl records. Frame discs and band posters, or make a display out of hanging guitars.

For younger kids, go for sports, animals, princesses, or 'under the sea'. You can create a completely new look on a shoestring budget. Use wall stickers, floor cushions, and beanbags to bring the room to life. Up-cycle old wardrobes and shelving units. Use your creativity and look for tips online. You could turn a disheveled cabinet into a rocket or a castle. Drape some material from the ceiling and you’ve got yourself a bed fit for a princess!


Add photographs, name plaques, and wall art to personalize each room. You don’t have to spend a lot to add those all-important finishing touches. Order prints online and use different shaped frames to create a feature wall in your room. Get the kids to do some paintings and hang their masterpieces above their beds.

If you’re redecorating your bedrooms, have a think about how you want to style each room. When you’re planning, make each design different and match the rooms to their owners. What interest do the kids have? Which colors, prints, and patterns do you love? Look for ideas online, but make sure your style shines through. You can change the look of a room without major DIY work. Cosmetic changes are easy to achieve. Once you’ve painted or replaced the wallpaper, finish the look with accessories. Be creative, have fun, and let everyone share their ideas.

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