23 June 2016

Don't Ignore the Bathroom When Revamping Your House

It's said that the kitchen is the room that decides whether or not you buy a house. There is some truth in that, but that doesn't mean you walk around with your eyes closed ignoring everything else. The main focus for your home is always on the areas you visit most frequently: the kitchen, the living room, and the master bathroom.
It's a little tricky to get excited about bathroom design. There's just so many things you have to have by necessity, such as a bath, shower, toilet, and so forth. That can make it seem like style is always going to be second choice; but only if you make it that way.
If you want to give your bathroom a revamp or are designing from scratch, here are a few ideas to get the style you want (but without the price tag!).
Reclaim yards are a huge blessing to the thrifty home-improver. If you're looking for tiles, you're quickly going to find yourself swamped by expense. If you use reclaimed tiles, you'll both save money and help the environment by re-using. You might be able to find other items here, too. Vintage-style toilets, mirrors, and wall coverings can all be sourced at half the cost a modern "vintage style" would cost new.
Go Minimal--
If you're short on funds, one of the major trends in home decor is going to help you out. The minimal look has been the rage for years; no one needs to know you've gone for "less is more" for thrifty rather than style reasons. You don't need to spend a fortune to give your master bath an edge. Make use of the space and only invest in items that add something unique to the area. Follow a few tips for an awesome master bathroom design and you'll be able to choose things that add value in terms of style rather than price.
Save Money, Invest Elsewhere--
It might be tempting to think one quick way of saving money is to go for regular paint over bathroom paint. In reality, this will trap you into a spiral of constantly needing to redecorate. Bathroom paints are more hard-wearing and water resistant. Unless you enjoy touching up every few months, go for the specialist stuff. It'll save you money in the long run.
Colors are Everything--
While we're thankfully a long way from the 1970's and its avocado-colored bathrooms, there's no reason a bathroom has to be a blank white space. Look for colors that are opposite on the color wheel, or even choose a theme. For example, coral, aqua, and sand will give a beach vibe without needing to be obvious with wall stencils. This could also help you resist the urge to impulse buy something you think is pretty. If you've a firm color scheme, you're less likely to be tempted by items that fit outside of it.
Mirrored Space--
If you're struggling for space, then mirrors are the answer. They bounce light around and can make even the smallest, most cramped area appear deliciously roomy. What's more they serve a function in the bathroom too, giving you two-for-one usage: beautiful and money-saving!

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