25 May 2016

Luxury Bathroom Ideas You'll Want for Your Home

Living within your means doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live without. Sometimes it can be financially beneficial to invest a little in your home. Of course, there are plenty of indulgences we usually only ever dream about. Little luxuries are often ignored as we strive to avoid financial hardship! However, there are a few things that you might want to do more than dream about. Check out these luxurious ideas for your bathroom that could be just the thing for your home:


We all love a long soak in the bath. Even if you find the tub a little cramped and uncomfortable after a while, you know it’s good for the skin and the soul to soak. There are lots of different types of bathtub. The basic panel bath is cheap, but can be damaged quite easily. P-shaped baths offer a bit more space when you have an over-bath shower. The roll-top bath is deep, and it stands proudly in any bathroom. But, the Jacuzzi bath is the one that will gently pummel away your stresses and give you the ultimate soaking experience!


His and hers sinks take up a lot of room. They can be expensive, too. They may be stylish but not entirely practical, especially if you and your partner are never in the room together! Sinks harbor a lot of nasty germs. Sometimes foul odors are released. It can be difficult to get rid of them. This tempts a lot of people to change the whole sink in disgust. Have a look at a website like www.theplumbinginfo.com to find out why a plumber may be able to help you out with this problem.


These are the hardest things to keep looking like new sometimes. And it’s a horrible job! But a new toilet can save you more than a big cleaning job. Modern cisterns offer massive savings on your water bill too. And if you’re keen to add an extra toilet to your house, you can find macerator style toilets that solve any pressure problems. Built-in toilets look stylish in the room, and they may even offer you more storage space. For a touch of luxury and a helpful way to stay hygienic, try a movement triggered flush control.


If you have space for a shower enclosure, you have plenty of options to add some luxury to your bathroom. Steam, jets, music, lights, and drenchers can all be added to your enclosure. You could even try a touch panel control system! A cute shower caddy can provide all the storage you need for your favorite shampoo and shower gel. Remember that high quality bathrooms with added value fittings can also add value to your home.

The bathroom is the one place in the house where we get to spend some quality ‘me’ time. It’s important to treat yourself once in awhile. If you are looking to make some changes on a budget, why not invest in some new fluffy towels and a couple of scented candles for your next bath time? Add some sensuous bath oil and thirty minutes for luxury bath time on a budget.

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