12 May 2016

Budget Garage Decoration Ideas

Most modern homes will have a garage, but most modern homes will also waste that garage. Whether they think it’s too expensive or too annoying to do anything with it, it can often get left in the dark.

Well, allow me to remove expense from the equation. It really doesn’t cost much to give your garage a lick of paint, or install a brand new door. Here are some other budget decoration ideas!

Home gym---

Contrary to popular belief, home gyms are pretty cheap to build. It all depends on your preferred workout style, though. Bodybuilders may find all the dumbbells expensive.


Still, a treadmill, a bench and a couple of mats won’t cost you very much at all - especially if you go second hand. After a quick tidy up and a lick of paint, your garage can be ready to be populated by any and all pieces of equipment that you desire. If you’re moving house, a home gym can be an enticing prospect to potential buyers.

Garage doors---

Your garage has doors too, you know. Of course, the interior of the room is important, but what about the gateway? It’s important that your doors match your room style-wise, or your whole garage will feel odd.

For example, if you have wood effect interiors, then invest in a wood effect door. Consistency is key! If you’re looking to make a statement, it all starts with the door. Something like roll up doors adds personality to the entrance of any garage, and none of this will break the bank either.

Back to neutral---

One of the best ways to get any room looking and feeling fresh again is with a simple lick of paint, or wallpaper. Using neutral colors, you can ‘reset’ that room, taking it back to square one allowing you to start over from scratch.

For your garage, this is incredibly important. Paint and wallpaper are as cheap as it gets, so this is unlikely to break the bank. It’s about time you stopped thinking of your garage as an extraneous feature, and start considering it a room in your house.


Taking your garage back to neutral colors has several benefits. One, it makes the whole room seem much more professional and modern, rather than keeping those dry grey walls.

Two, this gives you a solid foundation from which to build, allowing you to add flashes of bright colors elsewhere. For example, bright blue shelving, or a vibrant piece of artwork. You can literally do anything, but you need a solid base first.

Games room---

Much like that home gym, a simple games room won’t set you back much at all. After turning your garage back into a neutral space, all you need is a cheap dartboard, basketball hoop or games table.

It’s not as though you’ll be hosting hundreds of sports fans. You just need a clean, tidy space that you can build up over time. The benefit of garage decoration (as opposed to living room) is that it doesn’t need to be done quickly.

Your living room needs to be done because that’s the central room of the house. Your garage is not, and you can take time. You can paint it, then add games equipment at monthly intervals. The same goes for a gym, too.

Were any of these ideas helpful to you? Let us know in the comments!

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