17 May 2016

3 Ways to Decorate Your Rental on a Budget

There are lots of advantages to renting a property. It’s a flexible option and one that is growing in popularity. But there are often certain restrictions on how much you can alter. For example, you may not be able to redecorate. That said, there are several clever changes you can make to personalize your space and make you feel at home.

1. Be Clear on the Rules--

When you’re looking for new apartments for rent, be clear on the rules. Check with the landlord or management company as to what you can change. Are you able to redecorate? Can you change the wall color or add wallpaper? This will provide you with a basis from which to work.

Before you move in, plan out your furniture and decor. It’s easier to work from a blank canvas when trying to visualize. On moving day, when you’re surrounded by boxes, it’s much more difficult to work out how everything will look.


2. The Walls--

Assuming you are unable to redecorate, there are still a many things you can do to personalize the wall space. All of these changes are temporary and can be reversed before you leave.

Transform bare walls with prints, canvases, photographs, etc. Group items by theme, color, or frame to create some consistency. Collage walls can make a big impact. They are easy to create and can be removed later without too much damage. Command strips are useful for hanging as they leave no mark.

Textile wall hangings are also useful, especially if you have a large area to fill. They add instant color, interest, and texture.

If your walls are painted, you can transform them dramatically using wall decals. Decals are flexible because they can be smoothed into place and removed at a later date. This allows you to update as often as required. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, including pictures, patterns, and lettering.

Shelves are also a good way to focus attention in a room. They can be loaded with books or ornaments. Another way to add some color is to add wallpaper or wrapping paper to some of the shelves. This introduces shape and pattern.

3. The Den--

Use furniture, home accessories, and lighting in the den to transform the space. Opt for furniture that complements the room. Make your choices based on functionality as well as design. Scatter cushions and throws can be introduced to bring additional color and texture.

If the room is small, then make the most of the window area and ensure this is not blocked. Keep curtains light and don’t block out light with heavy blinds. Lamps can be placed according to the furniture in the room. Adjustable lamps work well if you like to read or work in the den.

Coordinate your soft furnishings for a consistent feel. They don’t all have to match if that’s not your style. But look for consistency in shades, pattern, or texture to bring everything together.

If you don’t want to risk marking the walls, photographs, and pictures can be placed on surfaces. Stand them on tables, fireplaces, and shelves. Ornaments can also bring focus.

Renting is a great way to get to know an area before you buy. It’s also ideal if you like change and you enjoy moving around. Use these simple tips to personalize your rental property and make you feel at home.

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