17 April 2016

The Thrifty Homeowner's Toolkit

As you are probably aware, I have written hundreds of DIY guides and how-to articles n the past. And, there are a few things that always seem to come up for creating DIY furniture or just trying to save yourself a few dollars. So, I thought I would bring it all those vital tools together and introduce the frugal homeowner’s toolkit. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Energy monitor---

First of all, let’s address one of the biggest wastes of money in every household - energy. It’s so easy to cut back on your utility bills, and I am often confused as to why so many homes spend so much on energy. If you are struggling to reduce your energy costs - get a monitor. They are available from all suppliers, and they will work, I promise you. Once you see those dollars rack up in a matter of minutes, you will never put a heavy load of wet washing in the dryer again.


All toolkits need tools, right? Well, if you want to be thrifty, it’s worth investing in a good set of household tools. The longer they last, the more value you will get out of them. And, as all careful families should know, they will get a lot of use. Make sure you stock up on nails, bolts, and glue, too. In fact, go crazy with the industrial strength glue. There is so much you can do with it. According to industrial adhesive suppliers, Kenyon Group. It’s perfect for roofs, kitchen furnishings, bedroom furniture - anything you can think of. And, most importantly, it’s cost effective.

A smartphone---

It’s debatable whether the frugal household should own an expensive smartphone. But, when you think about all the money saving apps you can use with them, it seems silly not to take advantage. So, as long as you aren’t paying through the nose for your phone, make use of it in the best possible way! Look out for apps that compare the prices of products and tell you where they are cheapest. Also, see if your bank has an app - many of them do. It will give you instant access to your account, and give you a lot more control over your finances than you might have experienced before.  

A budget planner---

All families should have a budget planner if they want to see where all their money is going. Try it out - you might be surprised how effective it is. Record everything you buy in the same place for a month. Then, at the end of that month, take a look at your spending. There might be some eyebrows raised at some of your sillier purchases. But, without making a record, it’s easy to forget. The budget planner is an excellent way to focus on where you can make savings, and it’s one of the best thrift tools at your disposal.

So, there you have it - it’s not much, but it’s a great starting point. Are there any tools that you use to save money? Let me know about them in the comments section below!

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