08 April 2016

Save Your Pennies with These Free Room Renovation Tips

Whether it’s for our own personal pleasure, or to add a little value to the property, we all change our home. Usually, this involves completely renovating at least one or two of the rooms. But this can be expensive, so if you’re looking to save money it might not be the best idea. Should the cost put you off, though? There are plenty of ways you can make a room renovation cheaper, ultimately saving a lot of cash. Here are some of my best ideas.

Change the Layout of the Room---

This won’t cost you thing. You can make a room look completely different by changing the position of items and furniture. Bring new items in and take some others out. If you do this, you can guarantee that even your guests will wonder what you’ve bought to make the room better. They won’t be able to tell that you’ve done the old switcheroo. You can even make a room look a lot bigger than it actually is just by moving the furniture.

Cheapening Expensive Upgrades---

Sure there are some upgrades that are going to cost you quite a lot of your budget. An example would be buying new flooring and getting it installed. That could range in the high hundreds, depending on the size of the room. But there’s still away you can reduce the cost. If you want hardwood flooring, do some research online and get a few quotes. You can then compare them until you find the price you want to pay.

Wait for the Sales---

If you’re buying new furniture for the room, I suggest you wait for the sales before completing the renovation. That way, you’ll be able to shave a lot off the price. The best sales usually arrive either before or after the popular seasons. The next sale will be the summer sale, usually starting around June. Shops start to drop their prices because they know plenty of people are on holiday and ready to spend a lot of cash.

Try Some DIY---

Rather than buying new accessories for your home, you can make them yourself. There’s plenty of cool DIY accessories that will make your room look stunning and give it some charm. One possibility would be a family collage. A family collage of photos would look great in a front room, above the fireplace. It’ll be a lot cheaper to make than buying the same art print everyone has in their home. By using this idea, you’ll give your house some originality.


Finally, who says you have to buy anything new to make a room look stylish? You can get a great, stylish effect with a minimalist room design. It’s exactly how it sounds. You just need to limit the number of items and accessories in the room. By doing this you’ll make the room look clean and clear. To add to the effect you can consider painting the room a lovely cream or a bright colour. When you next look at the room you’ll notice it looks just like a show house. Absolutely picture perfect.

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