14 April 2016

Moving House? Make It as Stress-Free as Possible with These Tips

Moving is a stressful time. I’m pretty certain that everyone currently reading this article has had to do it at some point in their life. So everyone already knows how much of a weight on your nerves it can be!

There are no magical solutions that will make the process easy and stress-free. The best you can do is take steps to ensure that it’s as smooth as it can possibly be. And trust me - with the right preparatory steps, moving house needn’t be something that will drive you to tears.

Make sure everyone is emotionally prepared---

This one goes out especially to parents who have decided to move but have yet to tell their kids. Even though the emotional response might be a bit louder and childish, it really is easier on them the younger they are. But regardless of the age of your child or children, be they in kindergarten or in high school, you need to tell them. Just when you should tell them can depend on several factors.

There’s a balance to strike between not telling them the day before the move and not giving them enough time to ruminate. For a younger child, a month might be the best amount of time. For a teenager, you’ll want to discuss it with them further ahead of time. After all, they’ll have built up more connections than a kindergartner will have, so they’ll need more time to prepare.

Know how you’re going to deal with each item before you start packing---

Start making a list of the type of items you own as early as you can. Got a big air conditioning unit? You may need to contact your supplier in order to dismantle it safely. Have you got containers that are strong enough for all those books? Once you pile them up, they get very heavy! And what are you going to do about food items? It’s best that you don’t move any at all, so be careful with what you buy. And speaking of food, what about your freezer? You’ll need to let it completely defrost and dry before moving it!

Remember that a lot of this planning is also going to make life easier (and possibly safer) for your movers. Your glass items, for example, are going to need adequate covering to protect them from breaking and causing injury.

Get the kids and pets out from under your feet---

When you’re packing and moving everything about, your (beloved) kids and pets can often get in the way. Wouldn’t things be a bit easier if you didn’t have to worry about smooshing the cat every time you started moving furniture? And why does your dog suddenly want to pounce lovingly on you when you’re trying to move the television?

Consider leaving younger children and pets with a friendly neighbor for an hour or two whenever you need to start moving heavy items around. If you’re lucky enough to have some time at home when the kids are at school, that could be a huge bonus. You don’t want to abstract them completely from the moving, though. Coming back to a radically changed house could make them feel very upset as the reality of the move sinks in.
All of this can basically be boiled down to one thing: planning! Make sure you’re planning wisely and months in advance.

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