08 April 2016

How to Cope with Disaster at Home

Life at home is always so busy and hectic. You spend your hours making sure the kids are fed and that they’ve got their homework done. There is laundry to do and cleaning to do. On top of all of that, you want to spend some quality time with your family before you have to usher everyone to bed. If there are clubs and practices to attend after school, just getting all that done is a challenge.

So when life throws a wrench in the works, and something goes horribly wrong at home, you can be short on resources to deal with it. Home disasters like water leaks, losing the power, or severe weather damage can leave you in tears. Your first priority will always be to keep your kids safe. But then you have to deal with the mess in the home and find a way to fix it. A little preparation can go a long way here, so here’s what to do:

Make sure you have your emergency plumber, electrician, and builder in your phonebook. Emergency service providers like DavisPlumbingService.com can be with you quickly. They often have the tools and the parts to put problems right immediately. When water is leaking everywhere, it’s best to turn the power off at the main switch. Grab what you can and put it safe out of the water. Upstairs is often the best place to put your valuables.

If your power goes out, make a note of the time it happened. Your food in the fridge and freezer will stay good for several hours if you don’t open the doors. You won’t be able to boil any water unless you have an open fire or a gas supply you can use with an electric ignition. Save the hot water supply you have for washing yourselves. If you rely on the electric for heat, it’s time to find the blankets as well as the candles. Shut the door in one room and stay in there together to preserve the heat.

Flashlights should be fully charged and placed somewhere easy for you to grab even in the pitch black. Most smartphones have a good flashlight to help you navigate the house safely. If your house has been damaged in a storm, it’s important to take photos for the insurance company. Post these to an online photo sharing app so they can be accessed easily. If you have camping groundsheets, these can be used to prevent rain coming in. Call your glass company if the window is smashed. Sweep the broken pieces out of the way of pets and kids, and cover it to make it safe.

When disaster strikes at home, it’s important the kids feel that the situation is in hand. You are more likely to present a calm persona if you are prepared for the situation. If you can manage what is happening, then you can cope with things until your professional comes in to put things right again. Have a few games to hand that you can play together, or maybe call in to visit some friends until things are fixed.

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