14 April 2016

5 Failsafe Ways to Reduce Energy Bills

Most of us would like a little more disposable income at the end of the month. If you’re looking for ways to reduce spending, your energy usage is a good place to start. If your bills are too high, here are five failsafe suggestions to bring those payments down.

Compare prices--

Have you been with the same energy provider for years? Have you ever even looked into changing companies? Many people assume that it’s a hassle switching energy provider, but it’s actually very simple. Today, you can compare prices within seconds thanks to online comparison sites. You can also shop around for a better deal and take advantage of incentives for new clients. If you’re thinking about changing firms, contact your current provider and see what they can offer. Call around to some other companies and see who offers the best package. If you decide to switch, the provider will often take care of the switchover for you.

Use an energy meter--

Do you often leave lights on, or the water running? Are you guilty of leaving the TV and games consoles on standby? If so, using an energy meter could help you to save significant amounts of money. These meters are designed to give you a visual display of your usage. You can see how much energy you are using at any one time. If the figure is higher than usual, this may indicate that you’ve left something on. You can then switch it off and avoid wasting valuable energy and money. Many energy providers offer free meters.

Consider switching to solar--

They may not look all that attractive, but solar panels are one of the best ways to slash energy bills. You may have to pay an installation fee, but once this is covered, your bills will be significantly lower. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, which can be used to power your electrical appliances and heat your home. Call some local providers to get solar panel quotes. Sometimes, incentives are offered to homeowners to encourage them to invest in renewable energy. Call local authorities and providers to see if you are eligible for a grant.

Be more conscientious--

We often use energy without even thinking about it. If you’re trying to reduce spending, keep an eye on how much energy you use each day. Think about whether you need the lights on, or the heating on. Turn electrical appliances off when you’re not using them. Take short showers, rather than long baths. Turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth. Often, minor changes can add to up a massive savings!

Invest in modern technology--

Many modern gadgets and appliances are made with the environment in mind. Swap old appliances for new energy-efficient models. Use energy-saving light bulbs. Look out for kettles, dishwashers and washing machines with high energy efficiency ratings.

Nobody wants to be confronted with huge bills at the end of the month. Follow these money-saving tips to reduce energy usage and make your home more energy-efficient.

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