30 March 2016

Selling Your Home? Easy Ways to Entice Buyers

Are you selling your home? If so, you’re probably eager to get potential buyers through the front door as quickly as possible. If you’re hoping for an asking price offer in the near future, follow these straightforward steps.

Focus on the exterior--

Many people devote time to making the interior of their home look beautiful, but it’s equally important to get the exterior in shape. If you’re selling, and you’ve placed an advertisement with an agent online, you’re likely to have people driving past. You want to entice them to come inside, so it’s important to create an attractive aesthetic outside. Many people are reluctant to buy a house they find ugly, even if the interior is stunning. Paint the front door, hang some flowers and get rid of dead leaves and weeds.

Take your buyer on a journey--

Start from the curb and have a wander through your house. Imagine you are a buyer and take a notepad with you. Write down anything you notice, which needs repairing or tidying up. Once you’ve got your list, set about addressing any issues. Finish off DIY and paint jobs. Call a roofing company to sort out missing tiles.

Once you’ve cleared your to-do list, get ready to show visitors around. Give your buyers time and space, but don’t miss the opportunity to sell your home. Emphasize the main selling-points and star-sights. Take your buyer on a logical journey through your home, so that they can picture how it would work for them. Answer questions, and let them have a mosey around on their own.

Create an illusion of space--

Space is a major draw for most potential buyers. Open up your rooms and use natural light to create bright, airy rooms. Use mirrors to make spaces, such as hallways and landings, appear larger. Use clever storage to tidy away children’s toys, shoes, and pots & pans.

Make your home welcoming--

People tend to get a feel of a property within seconds of pulling up and walking inside. It’s essential to create a positive first impression. Make sure your home is clean, spray some fragrance and open up the curtains. Add some simple touches, such as candles and cushions, to create a homely atmosphere.

Show off versatility--

You may get a wide range of buyers through the door, so it’s important to show off your home’s versatility. A large open plan kitchen-diner could house office and homework areas, or a playroom. A formal dining room could double up as a quiet work space. A spare bedroom could become a music or art studio. Keep decoration neutral and offer your buyers the chance to put their stamp on a blank canvas.

Selling can be an emotional and stressful experience. The last thing you want is a lack of interest or deals that fall through. Follow these failsafe tips to get buyers through the door and hold their interest. Hopefully, you’ll have that offer in no time, and you can start looking for your dream home!

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