11 March 2016

Is It Time to Spruce up Your Home for Spring?

Now that the weather seems to be brightening, it makes us think about all the work we need to do around the house. As the sun beams down on our homes, the fresh perspective of spring makes us think that they could perhaps use a little work! Of course, this time, of year is synonymous with one thing - spring cleaning! Right now, we’re not talking about the inside of your home. Let’s make sure that the outside of your abode is looking ship shape, too. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they approach your home, and it’s important that we make a good initial impression. Plus, no-one wants to be that one scruffy house that every street has!

Some people love it and some people loathe it, but there’s something that makes you feel really good once you’re all done. Sometimes, the problem is knowing where to start! Don’t get overwhelmed. If you start finding it all too much, then you’re going to end up procrastinating. Then, the chances of getting anything done become slimmer. Take one step at a time and you’ll find it becomes a cinch. Breaking big jobs into manageable smaller chunks is always a handy way when you don’t know if you can manage it all. Have faith in yourself and stop putting it off!

Step outside and work from the top down. Is your roof ok after all the bad weather? It might have suffered damage without you noticing. Inspect it by eye, and if it needs work, then call in qualified professionals. Experts like a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator can fix up your roof safely. And the result will be a job well done, too! It’s simply not a job that it is safe to do yourself.

Your exterior may benefit from a good wash down, (and don’t neglect the windows!.) Even more importantly, check over all of your frames. If they have seen better days, then you may be able to revive them with a good caulking and a coat of paint. Making sure your frames are sound can also save you a fortune on your energy bills. Many people would find it surprising if they knew exactly how much heat escapes through even the smallest of fissures!

Take a look at your front door. Give it a good wash too, and if it still isn’t up to standard, then why not give it a lick of paint. Brightening up your frames and door can give your home a whole fresh look! Then, take a brush and sweep all your paths, driveways, and patio. Pick up any debris and remove any dead plant matter. It’s surprising how much of this all builds up, especially over the winter. It’s the time you least expect it! Soon, you’ll be all clear for the summer!

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Do you find joy in starting afresh or it just a tiresome chore? Drop by and leave your stories. It’s always fun to read your comments!

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