30 March 2016

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

During the summer months, we’d be lost without air conditioning. It’s essential to keep cool and make things bearable alongside the weather. But did you know you could be spending more than you think? Believe it or not, the average US household spends 43% of your utility bills each month on heating and cooling. That’s a pretty big chunk, no matter how you look at it. You can reduce these costs - try following these handy tips!

Timing is everything--

Making sure you’re pressing the right buttons at the right time is imperative if you want to reduce your spending on air conditioning. When you’re at home, you can have your settings at 78º. But when you’re out, or even at night, you can conserve your dollars by turning it off or letting the air run warmer. Did you know you could save up to 15% a year from your bill by doing this? No effort, and more money in your pocket. What else could you ask for?

Air conditioning servicing--

Talking of air conditioning, you want to make sure that it’s all running properly. It pays to have your system serviced on a yearly basis. If your unit isn’t performing properly, you’ll probably be paying through the nose as it eats further into your bills. If there’s something wrong, it’s not the end of the world; AC repair can be much more affordable than you might have realized.

Look to Nature--

The majority of heat that comes from outside and stores up in your home comes from the roof or the windows. When the sun shines, these pull the heat into the house. Try planting foliage rich trees around the outside. Ok, so established trees aren’t that cheap, but it is still great value and will save you lots of cash in the long term!

Wonderful Windows--

There’s more you can do to help reduce the amount of heat being produced by your home. Try solar screens, which look a bit like mesh. These screens are generally the most efficient on East and West facing windows. They can cut down the amount of the sun coming through by up to 70% Or, why not give window films some consideration? These metalized, transparent sheets reflect the heat before it comes in through the glass.

Get Down Below--

If you’ve got a basement - now is the time to make use of it! Your lowest room is going to be the coolest, so relocate as many activities as you can down there. If you can, sleeping in your basement will save you a whole bunch of money. Here’s a great tip: Although it may be tempting, don’t open the windows to your basement when the weather is muggy and humid outside. If you do so, you’re asking for condensation on the walls. This will make it sticky indoors too - and that’s the last thing you want. It could also cause problems with mildew and mold in the future. These issues can be dangerous for your property and bad news for your bank balance!

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