11 March 2016

How to Bug-Proof Your Home

Finding you aren’t the only ones in your home can be very scary. Especially if you discover that you’re house-sharing with some creepy crawlies! Just because your house is super-clean, doesn’t mean your house is completely bug-proof. Some pests actually prefer a clean environment! So how can you protect yourself from these little beasties?

Keep Your Windows Closed--

Whenever possible, always keep your windows closed. Some bugs will fly into your home and, once inside, will start to settle in. They might not want to leave the warmth and comfort! In the middle of summer, it’s not always possible to close windows. Otherwise, your home will heat up exceptionally quickly. If you have air conditioning, though, keep it on rather than opening windows. If you do leave a window open regularly, think about buying a mesh guard to place over the hole. That way, all the fresh air will enter your home, but the insects will stay outside!

Seal Your Doors--

Not every pest will fly in through a window. Some, such as sugar ants, will crawl in through gaps under doors and holes in walls. To find out more about the best way to get rid of sugar ants, click the link!  But, to prevent them from squeezing in, seal any gaps under your door and patch up noticeable holes. Plaster is great for blocking holes, and you will be able to buy a metal threshold to go underneath your door.

Maintain Your Backyard--

An untidy backyard will not only look a mess but it will attract lots of garden pests, such as aphids and snails. If you look after your yard regularly and keep it free from insects, then you will find you get fewer infestations inside your home. To really cut down on bugs, put a pond into your garden. This will attract frogs and toads, natural predators of many garden pests!

Don’t Leave Out Food--

It’s okay to leave out food to cool. However, once it is fully cooled, it needs to go right into the fridge. If you need to leave it out for longer, make sure you cover it with a towel or a suitable lid. Bugs love food as much as we do. If they notice some out in your kitchen, they will see it as an invitation to come right on in! It is also important to remove any possible sources of water that bugs could be drinking. Check to see if your kitchen pipes are leaking. If so, get them fixed right away. If pests can’t find water, they will move on to somewhere else.

Take Out The Trash--

Store your trash properly and remember to take it out at least every other day or whenever the trash can is full. This is especially the case during summer when the weather is hot. If you leave the trash in your home for too long, it can attract all kinds of nasty bugs and insects. You may even find maggots at the bottom of the can when you remove the bag!

Follow this guide to bug-proofing your home and you’ll never be plagued by pests again!

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