10 March 2016

Capturing Memories


Time passes so quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just press pause for a while and relish the moment? There are so many happy times that are gone in minutes. And I’m not just referring to momentous occasions such as your baby’s first steps. It’s those little moments that are woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Most people now own cell phones. The majority of those are smartphones with built-in cameras. And they’re great for taking quick snaps and sharing with friends. However, to capture the essence of a moment, in all of its beautiful detail you need a good quality camera. Like the
Canon EOS 6D, for example. Use this for your family portraits and for all those special times you spend together. 
Print Your Photos--


We live in a digital world and many of our photos remain in our phones or cameras. Every now and again pick out your favorites and get them printed.

Create albums and scrapbooks of special days. As well as photos, paste in postcards, ticket stubs, and other mementos. Write captions or descriptions of the day. These memory books are great to look back and tell us so much more than just a photo. I also paste in pictures my children have drawn and little notes they wrote for me. If you intend to remove your mementos at a later date, use photo corners rather than glue.

Use your photos as art and display them around your home. I love collage walls. Intersperse framed photos with mirrors, paintings, and other decorative elements. These little touches are what makes a house into a home.

Memory Jars--

Memory jars are a great project to work on with your kids. Everyone has their own take on this and so do what works best for you. Start with an empty jar. I like mason jars but you can use any jar. Wash it thoroughly and get rid of any lingering food smells. Then decorate it. Anything goes here. You can keep it simple and tie a piece of ribbon or twine around it. Or you can get creative and take out the glass paints.

When the jar is completed display it somewhere prominent. This will ensure you don’t forget it. Cut out some small pieces of paper and leave them by the side of the jar along with some colored pens and some string. Whenever someone has a memory they wish to remember they write it on a piece of paper. The paper is then rolled up, tied with string and placed into the jar. At the end of the year you can take out the memories, sit back and unwind and read about all the wonderful times you’ve had. I have a few memory jars in my loft from the last few years.

Memories become more poignant as time goes one. When the kids have grown up and have kids of their own, it will be wonderful to go back through your old scrapbooks and memory jars. Memories are precious. Keep them safe.

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