11 February 2016

Things to Fix Before They Get Worse

Although you may have been lucky so far, every now and then a house will need repairs. You’ve probably heard of various home catastrophes, and gotten used to thinking that it will never happen to you. It may have been this attitude which got those people into trouble in the first place! To prevent any big upsets, there are certain things around the house which you should be checking for damage.

If you have a deck or a balcony, then you really need to check the rails. Go around every part of your railing, and apply a bit of pressure to it. If you notice even slight movement in the rails, then you should treat it as a pretty serious safety hazard. You and your family might know not to lean on a certain part, true. However, I’m sure you don’t want any of your guests to topple off your balcony! In some cases, you may only need to remove old, rusted screws, and replace them with new ones. For the safest option though, it’s best to hire in professionals such as Deckorators. These kinds of companies will be able to identify and fix any kind of structural weakness.

A lot of people have sliding doors which simply don’t want to open. Perhaps you had one of these which was completely smooth when you moved in. Now, if every time you open the darn thing it feels like you’ve been to the gym, it’s time to get that door fixed! Stubborn sliding doors are usually due to a build-up of dirt and debris in the wheels. This can be remedied by simply removing the door from its rails and giving it a good clean. Typically, you’ll need to remove a few screws at the top and bottom of the door. There may also be a cover which prevents the door panels from coming out. After this, get someone to help you lift the entire door from the rail, and clean every edge with soapy water. If the wheels are misshapen, you’ll need to replace them too.

Finally, your roof. This is one thing that’s neglected by a lot of people. Without a roof in a good condition, your house won’t stay so cozy for long! Even if you’ve been up to clear the drains recently, get out a ladder and check your roof again. Obviously, roofs are made to withstand the weather. Over time though, hail and extreme conditions can cause some serious damage to your roof. Look for any cracked or missing tiles, and dents that look worrying. Unfortunately, there’s no easy DIY fix for roof damage. It’s usually safest to hire a professional firm such as ELC Roofing. These services can be pricey, but you won’t need them often!
Those are just a few things you may need to check in your home. By keeping a sharp eye out for damage, you’ll protect yourself from many costly disasters in the future. Take the right precautions, and you’ll find relaxing in your home so much easier!

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