02 February 2016

Struggling with the Price of Healthy Living? Here's My Advice!

In a perfect world, staying healthy wouldn’t cost a dime. Everything to do with what’s best for us would be free, even health care. But we’re not in an ideal world and, unfortunately, trying to stay fit will cost you. For instance, if you decide to head to the gym each month you’re probably looking at a bill similar to cable TV. Even if you want to exercise at home, you’ll need to buy the equipment. Or, how about buying the medication your family needs to stay healthy? All of these costs start to add up, and you soon realize a substantial amount of your income goes towards your personal health. How can you cut the costs in these areas and still keep your physical fitness?

Coping with Medical Costs:

Medical costs are perhaps one of the most expensive health bills from your income. This is particularly true if you’re paying for a medication your family needs like Vyvanse. Vyvanse is a medication used to treat ADHD and is a crucial drug for moms coping with kids suffering from this condition. These costs can be difficult to cope with, but you can get a Vyvanse discount card. At the end of the year, this will have saved you a fortune on meds.

Instead of the Gym…

You could be spending as much as sixty dollars heading to the gym each month. Let’s face it-- half the time you don’t even make it there because other life commitments get in the way. How many moms make it to the gym when they have to look after their children? Not many, I imagine. That’s why you should instead work out at home. Rather than buying all the gym equipment, just practice completing some simple exercises. Both pull-ups and crunches are the perfect form of exercise for keeping your body in shape. Neither one involves any equipment, and the exercises can be completed quickly in your spare time.

Eating Healthy:

It’s tricky to know how to be able to afford the cost of eating healthy food. Healthy meals cost quite a lot when you add it all up. This seems a little unfair as they hardly ever taste as delicious as things that are bad for you. There are a few ways you can think about cutting costs here. You may want to look into finding deals at different stores on items you need. If you price check everything you might find you cut a lot of money out of your weekly shop. Try only to buy things that you need rather than what you may want.

As well as this, you can think about growing your own fruit and vegetables. This is an awesome way to put healthy living back in your hands. Once you start growing your foods, you’ll be living off the land, taking a large chunk out of your shopping bill.

These are a just some simple tips on how to keep the costs of staying healthy low. If you do this, you’ll keep fit, and your finances will still stay healthy, too!

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