03 February 2016

Six Ways to Make Your House Look Totally Unique

Home décor is vital, though you’ve probably already come to that conclusion. But as well as keeping things looking nice and tidy, are you concerned about making your house look unique? Your own style is an important thing to have. It can make you feel more comfortable in your own home, as well as give it a real cool look. If you’re bored of how your house is looking or feeling like it doesn’t suit you, just keep reading.

Give It the Natural Look--

So many homes have such a clean, maintained look that they can seem almost artificial. Adding a bit of natural charm to your home can really make it feel more warm and cozy. It could be as simple as using more varnished wood or adding a plant. If you really want to make your home unique, however, why not try oak garage doors? If you have wooden fittings, these sturdy additions can really blend in and give your home stand-out quality.

Make Your Backyard a Theater--

If you’re looking for a new way to entertain visitors, then look no further. Having your very own outdoor cinema is just a little effort away. Just get yourself some comfy seats and a projector. That might seem like a cumbersome idea, but it’s surprisingly light and easy to set up. You’ll be the envy of pretty much everyone and your summer nights will be enjoyed relaxing with friends and enjoying a movie.

Show Your Personality--

A lot of us have collections we’re fond of-- teapots, records, movie posters. If you have a passion, there’s no need to hide it. At best, it’s a great conversation starter. At worst, it makes your home feel like your home. Learn how to display your collections tastefully and you’ll love what you end up with. If you don’t have a collection to display, then start one. Collecting cute wall-hung ornaments and wooden signs is always a great idea. They can be as sassy or as homey as you like.

Paint Outside the Box--

You might have immediately gone to a safe color when it came to painting your room. Many just think of the primary color of their biggest piece of furniture and run with it. Why not try painting on the wild side, for once? Paint can always be changed so don’t be afraid to try out something new and make your room really pop.

Hack Your Own Furniture--

If you want things really looking unique then the solution is to just make it yourself. There are all kinds of DIY techniques to making your furniture something new and unique. It can be something as simple as attaching fabric to an ottoman to something as involved as getting a personalized chair carved.

Add a Bit of Chalkboard--

We love chalkboard. It’s a neat addition to any home. Whether you want to write phrases you find motivating, recipes, special welcomes or your plans for the day. Chalkboards are a way of immediately displaying your own personality, so get one and be in control of what your house says.

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