29 February 2016

Six Made-With-Love Gifts the Kids Will Go Absolutely Crazy For

We’re all about being thrifty here, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed already. But we’re also about how you can make your child’s life a bit better and more fun without breaking the bank. Already, we’ve taken a look at how you can upgrade their bedroom so they’ll absolutely love spending time in it. But what about if you want to get them a gift? Gifts don’t necessarily have to have a price tag attached to be thoughtful. So, here are some gifts that are guaranteed to light your children’s faces right up. They also make a great way to just spend time with them, making them.

Harry Potter Wands--
If there’s something kids go absolutely crazy over, it’s when you get engaged in their latest ‘favorite’. For a lot, even the older ones, that favorite will remain Harry Potter. Even the older ones will enjoy this gift, too. These wands need the use of hot glue, which Glue Guns Direct can help with, so make sure you’re handling that yourself if you’re making them with a child.

A Dragon’s Egg--
This is another one that uses the hot glue gun and taps into that fantastical part of your child’s imagination. All you need is a regular egg (or an Easter egg if you want to go big). Some glossing and a bit of worklater, your child will have one of the coolest room decorations they could wish for. Just don’t be surprised if you find them trying to make their dragon’s egg hatch.

Sock Monkeys--
A true classic and great for any occasion where you want quick, simple fun with the kids. Sock monkeys are particularly good for being alongside your children to engage their imagination every step of the way. Super adorable and not difficult to make at all, this is a good way to make your child a new best friend. There are even instructions for a second, in case you have another child. Or perhaps just want one for yourself ;)

A Chalkboard Table Top--
The most invaluable gift a parent can give a child isn’t really a physical gift at all. It’s the space to let them foster and discover their own sense of creativity. With a creative mind, a child can achieve so much more. That’s why it’s a great idea to make a chalkboard table for your child to use. Not only will it help them grow that creative spirit they’ll find so much use for. It will also help you once they’re less tempted to start using your walls and floors, instead.

Delicious Jell-o Cookies--
A recipe that’s both delicious and also tremendously fun to play with. If you want a special day spent having fun and bonding with your child, making these with them could be the way to go. The colourful dough is a joy to play with and just as much fun to eat after.

Dino Hoodies--
For any little boy or girl who has spent plenty of time roaring and stomping around. Children aren’t always so enthusiastic to find that clothing is their present. These hoodies quickly change that. Just take the time to make all the right additions and any hoodie immediately become a dinosaur.

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