22 February 2016

..::Product Review::.. Neutralyze Anti-Acne Treatment System

 Neutralyze Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Medication
1% Salicylic Acid & 1% Mandelic Acid; 
Complete Anti-Acne System Includes Face Wash, Spot Treatment, & Synergyzer; 
30 Day Supply 
Dramatically Reduces Acne in as Little as 2-3 Days
(Health and Beauty)

SUMMARY: The last time that I have used an actual ‘acne treatment’ system was years ago, and although it helped me immensely at the time, it didn’t last forever. I really can’t believe that was almost ten years ago! Anyway, as time has passed, my face has suffered breakouts. Not horrendous acne, but enough bumps to warrant a nice full coverage makeup routine. THIS particular system is actually really, really nice and EXACTLY as effective as stated.

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Take a look at how it works:



The box consists of three steps—a gentle cleanser, a spot treatment, and a synergizer. There is also a nice instruction sheet that really makes everything incredibly easy to understand and use. When the instructions said that you will see results in as early as 3 days, and I was a little skeptical. That was until I tried it. Then I wasn’t skeptical anymore because it worked. You use this system twice per day—in the morning and then again in the evening. You can follow the steps with a nice moisturizer if your skin gets too dry (mine did initially, but then got used to it).

Space-saving Box + Manual:

The only thing that I don’t like is that you have to wait around 5 minutes between each step to apply it. I have a timer, and 5 minutes is quite a long time when you actually have to wait it out! Overall it works amazingly well, and something I’ll continue to use.

Flip-top cap + Pump Dispensers:

+ Great quality.
+Three-step system.
+ Nice size bottles.
+ Great for any skin type.
+ 30-day supply.
+ Fragrance-free.

- Long wait time between product applications.
- Can make your skin feel a bit dry initially.

• YES, very effective, notice results fast.
• YES, works for blemishes and spots.
• YES, increases blood flow to improve complexion.

WHY: Great quality; fragrance-free; three-step system; effective; use with any moisturizer.
RECOMMENDATION: YES, I definitely recommend this.

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I received this treatment for free in exchange for inspection and an honest and unbiased review.

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