02 February 2016

Design a Cozier Home

These days, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on minimalist, modern interiors. Of course, there’s a lot of appeal in some of these designs, but sometimes a totally modern look is lacking something. With all those 'nondescript' decorations and plain colors, a home can easily lose a lot of its coziness. If you’re looking to keep your home feeling cozy, here’s how to do it.

Like a lot of interior design posts, this is going to start with focusing on the light in your home. If you play with the light in only a few rooms, you can create a totally different feel to the entire place. One undeniably cozy feature is an open fireplace. Having a crackling, glowing fire in the middle of winter is something truly unique. Using this as a light and heat source can also do a lot to help the environment. I understand that a new, large fireplace may be out of the question. It could be easier for you to have a traditional wood-burning stove installed. There’s just something about a live flame which makes a room much easier to relax in! At the very least, you could look for some vintage candle holders. Combine those with some musky, earthy smelling candles for maximum effect!

The next thing to focus on are the colors and patterns in your home. If you’ve read some of my other interior design posts, this next pointer might surprise you. Look for some darker colors. Yes, there’s usually a big emphasis on light colors to make a room feel larger. However, this isn’t really what you’re going for if you want a “cozy” feeling. Using long, billowing curtains and martex sheets in deeper, dramatic shades can make a room feel so much more 'home-y'. Take this in moderation, though. Balance any kind of intentional darkness with some whites and metallic colors. This will stop it feeling like the walls are closing in on you!

Choosing the miscellaneous décor items for your home can have a big impact on its coziness. You’re looking for the kind of charm you get from the horseshoes and farm tools on the walls of rustic dives. Of course, your home doesn’t have to be extremely archaic, but think of one of those little 'Mom & Pop's' for some inspiration. Vintage oil paintings are a pretty good thing to start with. From majestic horses to old European towns, these throw in a potent sense of character, wherever you want to hang them. If you can, make a little reading nook in the corner of a room. A few bookshelves surrounding a comfortable chair is a much more potent touch than you might think!
I hope this post has started you towards that comfy feeling you’re looking for. You might not be too crazy about vintage looks, but this is just one method you can use. Once you try out a few features and see what works, I’m sure you’ll find your home makeover to be a total breeze!

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