11 February 2016

5 Tips for Selling Your House Pronto!

Selling a house is not easy. The last thing you want to hear when you are in the process of selling up is how hard it is to make it happen. But, the inconvenience is a stark reality. For those of you that are looking to sell up fast, this poses more than an inconvenience. If you need the money, you can’t wait around forever for someone to make a bid. Instead, you have to make it happen off your own back. Here are five tips that will encourage buyers to take a punt on your home.

Increase Curb Appeal--

A house needs to stand out to the buyer and say ‘I am the one.’ Okay, that sounds corny, and it is corny. But, that doesn’t make it any less true. Buyers will only invest in a property that they think is perfect. Any properties that don’t come across this way are discarded and never viewed again. What you need to do, then, is make your home beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. A fresh coat of paint and a tidy up around the exterior could be the difference between a bid and a pass.

Add Value--

When you add value, you add to the demand for the house. Again, buyers want the perfect house. So, they will not settle for a basic property that doesn’t have all of the mod cons. What they want is a home with a backyard for the kids or a garden for them to relax and get away from home life. Or, they want extra space that they transform into a bedroom or a game room. If they see that, they are more likely to make a bid. The link has some of the best home upgrades that you may want to consider.

Accept Cash--

To some people, cash buyers are shady. However, that shouldn’t bother you as long as the money is correct and you notify the taxman! In all seriousness, cash is a great way to cut the length of proceedings because you don’t have to wait for the mortgage to go through. Instead, you accept the offer and take the money. It is that easy. If you like the idea, check out the we buy houses section of Florida Cash Home Buyers. They specialize in cash offers for properties.

Price it Accordingly

Talking about cash, don’t overprice your home. Obviously, you want to get as much money as possible. But, you also have to remember that the buyer wants it as cheap as possible. If your home costs too much, they will dismiss it out of hand. Get a real estate agent to take a look and value it, and then get a second opinion. Also, look at what the asking price for the other houses on the street is at the moment. That should give you a good idea of a reasonable starting price.


No one wants to buy a house that doesn’t have room for change. Instead, they want a house that is a blank canvas. Take down all the pictures and the things that make the hours yours when you have a viewing. That way, they are more likely to image living there.

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