14 January 2016

Thrifty Fixes to Common Home Issues

Improving the home is a non-stop battle for the modern homeowner, and there’s always something that needs completing. Therefore, it’s imperative that you get your priorities in order. Fixing the common issues around the property should be job number ONE.

Completing this work can be very costly. But these tips will help you find more cost-effective ways of upgrading the property to make it a better place. Employ these suggestions now, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the results start to show.

Poor Heating:

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold inside your property. However, upgrading your entire heating system is a costly process. Besides-- it’s winter, and you want a quick solution that will last. The best method for doing this is to improve air circulation.

The problem with many heat sources is that they tend to only work in the immediate area. The Valiant Ventum 3 stove fan is a fantastic home addition that will circulate far more air to keep entire rooms circulated.

A solid temperature is a basic human need. If you can’t satisfy this requirement, then you’ll never enjoy your time in the impacted rooms.


This is a biggie-- especially since we just had somebody attempt to break in our home. Home security is a very important aspect of the modern household. Feeling safe is the foundation of living a happy home life, and gaining these feelings improve the property greatly.

Some homeowners will spend thousands in the search for better protection. However, there are far cheaper solutions that can bring an equally telling improvement to your security. For most, this should be an area where you take a thrifty approach. Those quick suggestions will work wonders.

A lack of money shouldn’t leave you feeling vulnerable in your home. Make those adjustments, and you’ll feel infinitely better.

Interior Design:

When it comes to designing the home, we all want a unique aesthetic that plays to our personal preferences. However, you don’t need to take on major projects to upgrade a room. Instead, you simply require a few 'hacks'.

Painting a room is a quick and easy solution for transforming a space. Meanwhile, furniture plays a huge part in setting the tone of a space. Upcycling old items is a fantastic way to inject a personal touch into your living spaces. It will also save you a pretty penny compared to buying new pieces, too.

This is often the key to making a house a home. What more incentive could you need?


Light plays an integral role in the DNA of a property. Dark rooms will feel very uninviting, so increasing the natural lighting should be very close to the top of your agenda.

Windows are obviously the best way to do this. However, many homeowners find that keeping these areas clean removes their family privacy. Adding a window film will give you the best of both worlds. If your windows are close to roads, this can be a particularly useful suggestion.

A brighter home is a happy home. If you can maintain your privacy too, it HAS to be a winner!


Anonymous said...

Window films could very easily be mistaken for cling wrap, and looked like you were sticking the package your lunchtime sandwich came in to your office window. However, over the past few years, innovations in window tinting technology have made it look more interesting, smarter, and even more stylish.

Melissa Jackson said...

@Anon... I can agree with that; time certainly does help in the 'improvement' department!