06 January 2016

Quick & Easy Home Security Fixes

Everyone wants to protect their homes, but some are put off by the high costs of installing expensive security equipment. The thing is, better home security doesn’t have to come at a high price. There are plenty of little things that you can do to make sure that you aren’t attracting burglars, which I thought we would take a look at today.

The Basics:

Home security is all about playing the percentages. It’s rare to be the target of a professional burglar. The vast majority of incidents will be committed by a young person who already lives in your neighborhood. It’s opportunistic more than anything else, so make sure that your home is secure. Lock your windows and bolt your doors wherever possible. It’s also worth buying some security system decals and stickers to dot around your property. Even if you don’t have the system in place yet, it will put the frighteners up all but the most experienced thief.

Hide Everything:

An opportunistic burglar is not going to want to spend hours in your home once they have broken in. On average, they will spend around ten minutes in total, so if they can’t find anything of value, they will give up. It makes sense, then, to hide all of your valuables away inside the home. Think about getting a small safe, and avoid using the typical hiding places like the freezer, dresser drawers, or bedroom closet.

Get a Dog:

Of course, getting a dog isn’t cheap (unless you adopt, hint-hint!), but as they offer so much more than security, it’s worth thinking about. One thing everyone knows about opportunistic burglars is that they do not like noise. So, if you have stickers placed around the place that let them know you have an animal inside, and they will be less likely to take a risk.

Sign up for HOA Service:

Burglars tend to target areas that look messy and unkempt, so anything you can do to lift the appearance of your local area can help ward them off. One of the simplest ways is to start a residential association. According to Cedar HOA management, when all residents contribute a little every month, it can help transform an area and help maintain it. It also brings the local community together, and everyone looks out for each other - which can also help prevent burglaries.

Buy a Timer:

Most burglaries happen during the day - when you are out at work, and the kids are all in school. So, if you can make it appear like someone is home, there will be less risk of becoming a burglary victim. A good way to address this is by buying a timer for your TV and radio. If a passing thief hears a noise, they will be more unlikely to chance their luck. You can, of course, just leave a radio on - it might increase your electricity bill, but it will also make a burglar think twice.

OK, so that’s all I have for you at the moment. Feel free to leave any of your security tips in the comments section - and keep those homes secure, folks!

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