14 January 2016

My Top Tips for Adding Value to a Property

When you invest in property, it’s important that you know how to add value. One of the easiest ways to make money by investing in property is to buy somewhere down in the dumps, fix it up, and then sell it. Of course, the tips I’m going to offer you on this post could also be beneficial if you are simply trying to sell your old home for the best price possible. But mainly, I’m going to be focusing on how some unique changes to a property could make it a goldmine for investors.

I recommend you think about potential renovations to a property before you buy it. That way you will know whether it’s possible to make it shine and make money. Let’s look at some of the renovations and changes that you could make.

Additional Security:

One of the easiest ways to make sure that the property has value is to add some protection security for those who might buy it. If you are trying to sell a house, this may be as simple as just putting up some durable fences. But remember, it needs to be stylish and fit in with the aesthetic of the home. If it’s an ugly eyesore this could actually diminish the value in the eyes of private buyers. For homes and residences, you can also think of additional features such as electronic gates and if you like, CCTV. However, you must be careful with CCTV and check local laws and regulations. In some areas, CCTV is illegal if it will record any part of another person's property.

For a commercial property, I would definitely encourage you to buy some cheap CCTV cameras and fix them up around the place. They don’t have to be hi-tech, and you can save money as long as they look the part. It’s all about appearances.

Unique Features:

If you have invested in a larger property than a house such as an apartment building, you need to think about how to make it stand out and add some curb appeal. One possibility is to add a unique architectural feature that catches the eye of passers-by. This could be anything, and you can find possibilities through buying online.

This type of curb appeal should not be dismissed for a private property either. If you are just looking to sell your own home, adding a few decorative features to the front garden could catch the interest of buyers.


When you sell a property, you will be showing potential buyers around the interior. It’s important that you style the interior in a way that makes them want to buy. If it’s a home, you should make sure it feels and looks welcoming. But you also need it to look modern-- particularly for new young couples. If you’re trying to sell a commercial building you need to think about what a business owner wants. I would, at least, make sure your place is ready and able to connect to the internet.

By adding value to a property, you can get a fast sale at a price you want and make a fortune.

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