20 January 2016

Improve Your Home by Building a New One!

We all want to improve our homes, but the sad truth is that some homes are just not worth the cost of renovation. It doesn’t matter how many cost-effective guides we come across, we aren’t able to get the balance just right. And that is the key because we all want to live in a home that is just right, not one that is okay. If you are reading this and getting sweaty palms, don’t fear because there is an alternative: build a new home. Although it sounds extreme, it may be the only available option. If that’s the case, here’s what everyone needs to know about building a house from scratch.

Find The Right Plot:

Excuse the pun, but you cannot lose the plot when it comes to the building site. The plot of land that you begin to build on is the one that is going to stick with you for a long while. For that reason, it needs to be perfect and contain everything you are looking for with regards to your perfect house. Also, the land needs to be solid for the foundation of the house. Some areas of land are not good for building work as they subside after a while. Make sure you find one with the relevant features as well as the necessary building codes.

Get Your Materials Together:

A good contractor will source the materials themselves, and this is a good way of cutting costs. If you ask your contractor what they are going to use, they cannot say they are not up to standard. Plus, there is a better chance that you will find them cheaper because it means more to you than it does to the builder. The best bet is first to make a list, and then search online for the materials. The list will make sure you don’t miss something as important as treated pilings, and the Internet is the cheapest place to look.

Find a Contractor:

Unless you are a builder, you are not going to be able to build the house alone. The problem is you also don’t know who you can trust, and trust is a big issue as there is a lot at stake. What you need to consider is doing a lot of research before you come to your conclusion. When you look at their track record and references, you can decide whether they are legitimate or whether they need avoiding. Always go with a builder that has a sterling reputation and a record of providing results.

Crunch the Numbers:

In the long run, building your home should work out cheaper. After all, you will end up with your dream house and won’t have to fork out in the future. Still, that doesn’t mean that the process is cheap. To begin with, it is going to take up a lot of your funds, so you need to create a realistic budget. Then, stick to that budget as much as possible.

When it is over your home may never need improving again, apart from the odd tweak of course!

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