21 January 2016

3 Clever Ways You Can Keep Your House Safe in a Storm

We’re midway through winter, and that means we’re getting the worst weather we’ll see all year. The winter months are renowned for bringing torrential rain and stormy weather. Keeping that in mind, I think it’s important that everyone knows how to keep their house safe in a storm. So, I’ve went ahead and written up three tips for you:

Turn Off Your Main Power Supply:

A simple tip to keep your home safe is to turn off your main power supply in the event of a storm. If there’s ever a storm brewing, the news will usually issue some warnings to residents. At the top of their list of advice is turning off your power supply. If you don’t do this, your house can become a hazard. Lightening could strike electricity pylons and cause fuses to blow. Some people have had their TV’s explode because they didn’t turn the power off completely. It’s amazing how many people are reluctant to do this because they need electricity for everything. People are worried because they can’t cook without electricity, or watch TV. My advice is to buy some things in the event of emergencies like this. A battery powered cooker or a little gas campfire stove are great things to have in your home. By having these, it means you can turn the power off and still have the means to cook dinner so your family doesn’t starve.

Changing Your Pavement:

A lesser known way to keep your house safe in a storm is to change the pavement in your driveway or back garden. You’re probably scratching your head right now and wondering how on earth this can be of any benefit at all. But, if you switch to a permeable pavement, your home is going to be a lot safer. This paving type is designed to deal with rainwater in an efficient manner. It’s created with materials that allow the rain to sink through, rather than creating a puddle on top. Most homes have paving made out of stone or tarmac, both of which are puddle merchants! Changing your paving can help prevent flooding from occurring during a storm. It’s something worth looking into if you want to keep your house safe.

Board-Up Your Windows:

The final tip I have for you is another very simple one. If you know that there’s a storm coming, it’s time to board up your windows. Get thick sheets of wood and nail them down in front of all your windows. Why should you do such a thing? Because it’s a common problem for windows to break when there’s a storm. During a storm you may have gale force winds that can blow objects into your windows, shattering them. If you’ve got wood in front of them, it acts as a barrier against any debris. It can also protect windows from very heavy hail showers, which may also occur during storms.

So, if you’re worried about the fate of your house during a storm, follow the tips above. They’re all designed to stop bad things from happening to your home, and will keep your family safe.

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