15 December 2015

5 Gift Ideas for the Kids this Christmas

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Christmas is definitely on the horizon, and it is exciting! If you have little kids, there is no better time than Christmas. Firstly, there is the build-up to the big day, and then there is the culmination of the anticipation on December 25th. Just seeing the look on their faces on the morning of the 25th is priceless, which is why getting them great gifts is important. Plus, there are not too many times that you get to splurge on the family and not have to worry.

Here are some great gift ideas for kids if you are looking for inspiration.

#1: Sport’s Kit
Kids love their favorite sport’s stars, and they want to be just like them if they can. Every time they play, they imagine that they are Tom Brady or LeBron James or whoever it is that they idolize because they are infatuated. So, play on it and buy them a sport’s kit with their favorite player’s name on the back of the jersey. They are no better way to pretend to be someone than with their name printed on your back in big, bold letters.

#2: DVD's

It is amazing how much television dominates children’s lives. From the moment they can they sit down and watch their favorite programs all day long because they cannot get enough. Children’s appetite for their favorite TV shows is remarkable, which is why a DVD goes a long way. Whenever they want to watch their program, they can put in the DVD and sit quietly for a couple of hours. From your perspective, it could be a Godsend, but from the other you might have to watch children’s TV all day, every day!

#3: Interactive Toys

If you want to be more frugal, there are other options. The best ones are interactive toys because they are hours of fun. For example, a video game like Fifa 16 is something that they will love because of the graphics and the fact that they can pretend it is real.  If you are interested, you can buy FIFA 16 coins at SEAGM.com.

#4: Concert Tickets

Alternatively, you could take them to a concert. As long as the artists are age-appropriate, everything should be fine. At the minute, bands like One Direction and artists like Taylor Swift are huge news and are traveling all over the world. As a result, you should get a good opportunity to see them perform live at some point. You have to be on the ball as tickets sell out fast, so they are hard to find, plus they are expensive. However, it is something that you might not be able to give your child again.

#5: a Live Show

Not like the opera or the theater because they are too young. But, these TV personalities also have life shows that they take around the country. They might not be in your town, but they will be somewhere near, and the kids will love it. They get to see their idols up close and personal and be a part of the show, which is what they dream of as children.


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