21 November 2015

My Favorite Ways to De-stress

There are plenty of times in life when things get on top of us all. I’m no different. I know when I’m about to hit that point of needing a time out. And I take it. I get away from it all until I feel back on top of things. But with a family that needs me so much right now, I feel like I can’t just run off to deal with my own personal issues. Instead, I need to find ways to keep the stress at bay every day. Here’s what I love doing to de-stress my day:

Candles, Water, and a Good Book
Yep, you guessed it. Soaking away my day in warm, bubbly water is one of my favorite things to do right now. I can even get up early and start the day right with a gentle wake-up bath. There’s nothing quite like the tub for easing all those aches and pains we get from time to time either. Sometimes I like some soothing music on, but it’s the candles that help me regain my focus. Reread your fave book, or grab a best seller to pass away the time.

Sauna - I love the warmth and heat of a sauna. It’s one of the best ways to detox your body, too. As you sweat, all those yucky toxins just seep out; leaving you feeling cleansed. Some say it helps you regain more youthful-looking skin too. I had a look at saunanova.com to see if it’s practical for us to have a home sauna. We’ll see! You definitely can’t argue with the convenience of having your own sauna at home.

Yoga - Even if I only have time for a Sun Salutation, I can feel immediately released from the worst of my stress. Yoga is great because you can do it at home, or part of a big class. The poses help me get my posture back when I’ve been all hunched up because I’m stressed. And the breathing is ideal for getting your focus back and your energy levels up. Best of all, it’s a great workout for toning those saggy parts!

Running - When you’re feeling really wound up, a good sprint around my yard really burns off that frustration! Of course, the ducks think I’m crazy mad, and fly away when they see me coming. Sudden bursts of high-intensity exercise boosts your circulation. That brings plenty of fresh oxygen to your whole body. Best of all, it refreshes your brain so you can get your thoughts back on track.

Cuddling - Cuddling my kids (and my hubs) is the best cure for everything. I don’t care how old they get, they will always be my center. A good cuddle releases all those happy hormones we need after a bad day. Give someone you love a big, long squeeze to de-stress in an instant.

Stress is horrible. It clogs up your mind and makes your whole body ache. Keeping on top of it every day saves you from the grief of having to deal with it after it’s taken over your whole life. Find your happy place with one of my fave ways to de-stress.

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