24 November 2015

How to Create the Most Beautiful Vintage Interior

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to home decor. What looks incredible to one person, may not be the next person’s cup of tea. But you don't have to worry about that if you plan on living in your house for a while. If you love the look of a nice vintage interior, this post is the one for you. Read on to learn how to create the most beautiful vintage interior in your home:

Keep Your Color Scheme Bright & Fresh

One of the nicest things about a modern vintage interior is a fresh, bright colour scheme. Although there are plenty of color schemes you can go for with vintage decor, a white or neutral colored one is easiest to accessorize.

Use Delicate Patterns

Delicate patterns can be used in your vintage interior to spice things up a little and add interest. Floral works very well, but so can polka dots and stripes. Just make sure you keep them in the same kind of color family to ensure that they look great.

Include Textured Fabrics and Furniture

Textured fabrics and furniture can add an element of coziness to your interior. You can use curtains, throws, cushions, and all kinds of other fabrics to get the effect you want. Faux leather, suede, tassels, and similar fabrics can work too. Click here to get an idea of the kind of things you can use. Use your imagination and bring the room to life with your furniture!

Incorporate Your Personality

One mistake that many people make when designing their vintage decor, is making it look the same as everybody else’s, or every board they find on Pinterest. 

Don’t do that. 

Instead, incorporate your personality! If there’s a specific vintage era you like, base your decor on that. If there’s an activity you like, such as gardening, use vintage gardening objects to make it known. Make this decor all your own!


Avoid Banners and Flags

Banners and flags have been done to death, so avoid using them at all costs. If you want a truly beautiful vintage decor, it needs to be as original as possible.

Be a Little Eccentric

Why not be a little eccentric with your vintage decor? Incorporate slogans, unusual accessories, and anything else you can think of to make this vintage interior stand out!

Keep the Look Uncluttered

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered vintage interior. It just isn’t attractive, and makes it really difficult to keep clean and tidy. Try to keep things as simple as you can while showing off your personality and having fun with it.

By using these tips, you’ll end up with the most beautiful vintage interior. Not only will it incorporate an era that you love, it’ll also show off your personality and interests in a really unique way. Vintage interiors are so much fun to create, so think outside of the box. 

Any tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave a comment below. Come back for more soon!

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