14 November 2015

Create a Stunning 'Budget Bedroom'

Your bedroom should be your personal retreat from the world, the place that you look forward to coming home to each day. To achieve a beautiful bedroom, the key is to decorate in a style and color scheme that you love.

When it comes to our bedrooms, many of us put off decorating them. Instead, choosing to focus on the public areas of our homes, like the living room and kitchen. However, we should take just as much pride in our bedrooms as we do the rest of our homes, regardless of whether anyone sees them.

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The good news is that even if money is tight, you can still create a beautiful room. All you need to do is follow these tips and ideas - happy decorating!

Make a Plan

In an ideal world, you would have an unlimited budget. Sadly, however, money is often tight. Don’t let that put you off updating your room, though, as there are plenty of simple ways you can make your money stretch.

To get some inspiration, and to see what you can do with your money, have a browse online. It’s amazing how far a little bit of creative thinking can make a small budget stretch. You can begin to plan out what you want.

Start With Your Bed

Once you have chosen a design for the space, the first thing that you should do is focus on your bed. As every decor-lover knows, in any bedroom, the bed should always be the main feature. (It is a bedroom, after all.)

If your bed is a little on the boring side, think about whether it can be given a new lease of life with a little creativity or if it is passed saving. If you think it’s salvageable, have a look online for some ideas for DIY bed revamping. If your only option is to buy a new bed, visit discount furniture sites to see if you can get a good deal.

Don’t forget to invest in a new mattress as well, as this is the most important part of the bed. As well as traditional mattress designs, for added comfort, consider investing in an air or water bed. For a fantastic air bed design, check out the sleep number air mattress at IZoneBed.com. You may spend a little more, but you’ll be more comfortable and because of this, will get a better night’s sleep.

Update Your Furniture

If you are lucky enough to have wooden bedroom furniture, don’t throw it out, update it. Yes really, a splash of paint and some creativity can take your old furniture from looking dull, to chic, and stylish.

If your furniture isn’t wood, don’t panic. While you can update other types of furniture, it can be tricky to get it right. Get rid of your old pieces and head to your local junkyard to find cheap pieces of bedroom furniture that you could be done up. You could also ask friends and family if they have any old pieces of furniture that they no longer want.

Add Style With Accessories

A fantastic way to give your bedroom an affordable style boost is with the use of accessories. Things like printed cushions, curtains, and pieces of wall art, are all ideal for adding style.

Visit your local discount store and have a look for pieces that would work well in your room. Just make sure to keep the style and color scheme of your bedroom in mind. It’s amazing how a few well-thought out bits and bobs can make such a big difference to the look and feel of a space. Because of this, accessories are fantastic for updating a room without going over budget.

By taking these ideas into account, you can create a beautiful bedroom without overspending. :)

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