15 October 2015

Six Easy Ways to Save and Make Money

When you have a family, you want to try to save as much money as you can. With things like college fees rising, you want to be able to make sure you are saving enough to help your kids out. Plus,making sure you and your partner enjoy your lives, too. I know, as a mom of two, that saving can be difficult. There is always something that needs to be bought (or fixed!). But there are ways to make sure you are doing your best to save, and even turn ideas into money-making products. Here are my six easy ways to save and make money:


Save energy and slash your bills
If you can find ways to cut your energy usage down, you will also find yourself slashing your energy bills too. Turn off the lights and the TV when you leave a room. Don’t let the faucet run unnecessarily when you are brushing your teeth. Look into energy- efficient light bulbs. Simple things like these can all help to lower your energy bills. After we got a $386 bill, we knew we had to fix something!

Look for coupons
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to use coupons when you shop. So many people are doing it, and coupons are there for a reason. The retailer has agreed to let customers use them, so you are perfectly within your right to do so. Some people love to collect physical coupons, however, I don’t really have the time to be doing this like I used to. Instead, I find that something like CouponMate is so much quicker. It is a program that you can download into your browser, and as you shop online, it will scan the web for coupons and let you know what is available.

Avoid the supermarket when you are hungry
If you are anything like me, you cannot be trusted to go grocery shopping when you are hungry. The temptation is too strong to grab everything and put it into your shopping cart. One of the simplest ways to save money is to avoid shopping on an empty stomach. Go just after breakfast or lunch, if you can, and you will be a lot less likely to binge buy. Another method to stop you going wild in the supermarket is to make a list of everything you need. Stick to this and stick to your budget and your pocket will love you.

Sell your junk
When you have kids it is so easy to let your house become full of junk. Why don’t you have a 'clear out' and put everything you don’t need up for sale with a yard sale or sell them on eBay?This is a really handy way of getting a little cash for things that are sitting around collecting dust!

Turn your passion into something that makes money
So you love playing guitar, or you are an amazing artist. Whatever your passion, try to turn it into something that makes a bit of cash. Offer guitar lessons to local kids, or sell your paintings to art lovers. Etsy is a great website for selling all sorts of stuff, from jewelry to handmade clothes. You never know, you might be so good at it that your hobby turns into your job!

Book early

If you are going on vacation, it is always advisable to book as early as you can. You might have noticed that when you have booked flights in the past, they will be slightly more expensive the day after. The way airlines work is that they have a set number of tickets that they can sell in each price bracket. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get a seat in a lower price bracket.

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