27 October 2015

How To Fix Home Problems 'On The Cheap'

Recently, I wrote an article about saving money around the home. It got me thinking about how much money I spend on home repairs and how much money my readers might waste repairing their homes. Think about it for a moment. What happens if your heater breaks? You’ll certainly need a new one with winter on its way. But a new heater could cost you five grand, and that’s a lot of money to spend on one thing in one year. There are ways to avoid home repairs being this expensive though and here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Fix It Yourself

When thinking about a home repair, the first thing you should be considering is whether you can fix it yourself. For instance, it’s fairly simple to deal with an ant infestation, and there is no reason to call in the experts. All you need to do is put some bug spray around the cracks and crannies in the walls that they are using to enter your home. If you can’t find any, they are probably concealed. Focus on areas such as windows and doors but be careful when using these types of treatments around animals or children.

Similarly, you should know how to fix simple issues around the home. For instance, you don’t want the embarrassment of calling in a plumber to fix a clogged toilet if you can avoid it. You certainly should be able to avoid it as well. A clogged toilet is just a matter of filling the bowl two-thirds with water, using a plunger to push the clog away. That means the most you will spend is five bucks on a plunger, assuming you don’t have one.

    2. Look For Alternate Treatments

Of course, sometimes you can’t fix repairs by yourself. On occasion, you will need the help of an expert. If we think back to the problem of an infestation, it’s possible that rather than ants you’ve got termites eating away at your home. This can seem like a large problem, and it is. But the solution may not be as a big as you previously thought. There are many companies that suggest a complete fumigation using a tent is the only fix to get rid of the bugs. This is a costly treatment, and you should be aware that there is a no tent termite treatment. The treatment is quicker, less invasive and inexpensive. There is usually a cheaper alternative for any home repair treatment that you are considering. You need to decide which is best for you.

   3. Get The Repair Early

Finally, some people put off repairs on the home, thinking they are saving money. On the contrary, the cost is most likely just building out of control until it becomes unmanageable. An example of this situation is a heater repair. It’s easy to know when your heater is going to be in need of a repair. Gradually, it will start to eat up more energy until your bills are extortionate. That’s why you should get it regularly inspected and stay on top of the situation.